Milefield's Newsletter ISSUE 4: 6th DECEMBER 2019

Milefield Primary School's Newsletter: Welcome to issue 4 of Milefield's newsletter. We hope you are finding the improved lines of communication beneficial and welcome feedback regarding how we can develop this further, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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Attendance Matters

Overall attendance for last half term was just below target at 95.4%. I am certain we can work in partnership to ensure that this half term it is even better and reaches our target of 96% (Mrs Trickett).

Attendance at school greatly impacts on the progress and attainment children achieve. Being at school, on time, everyday is vital to support children to develop and progress. It ensures children don't miss learning and opportunities essential to their education. Please support us to ensure attendance is the best it can be so we can narrow the gap between actual attendance and target (Mrs Trickett).

Attendance Advent

We hope all children are enjoying the attendance advent challenge. Well done to all pupils who are here everyday or who are working hard to improve their attendance; we hope you are enjoying the rewards.

A huge well done to the winners of our daily attendance advent draw- please watch out for updates about pupil winners and their prizes on Twitter!

In the run up to Christmas, let's work together to make our attendance the best it can be! #OnTarget #96%

REMEMBER: Greater Attendance = Greater Achievement!

Ofsted Inspection

Again, a massive thank you to all pupils, parents and staff for your support and hard work during our recent Ofsted. The inspection report is now live and can be viewed via the school or Ofsted website.

We are extremely proud of our school and the strengths identified in inspection:

  • Pupils feel safe in school.
  • This is a school where staff care deeply about the well-being of pupils.
  • Pupils show respect for each other and the adults who work with them.
  • Pupils told inspectors that it is good to be a pupil in this school because they are given responsibility to help other children.
  • Usually, pupils behave well and play happily together.
  • Bullying is not tolerated. It is dealt with swiftly when it occurs.
  • Pupils get many chances to take part in extra activities outside of lessons.
  • New leadership is making a real difference.
  • Staff morale is high and there is a strong sense of teamwork.

As a school, we are 100% committed to further development which will ensure rapid and sustained improvement in both standards and outcomes.

Key Dates for the Diary (Autumn Term 2):
  • EYFS Christmas Sing-a-long: Tuesday 10th December 9.30am
  • KS1 Nativity: Thursday 12th December 10.00am & 1.30pm
  • KS2 Christmas Performance: Friday 13th December 10.00am & 1.30pm
  • Year 5 & 6 Christmas Party: Monday 16th December
  • Year 3, 3/4 & 4 Christmas Party: Tuesday 17th December
  • KS1 Christmas Party: Wednesday 18th December
  • EYFS Christmas Party: Thursday 19th December
  • Christmas Dinner Day: Thursday 19th December
Children in Need: 15th November 2019. This year for Children in Need the whole school joined in with the Big Morning Move! We all joined in with the actions in assembly and the children contributed throughout the day by joining in competitions and activities. We all worked together to raise £380! Well done Everyone!


Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Unit, we have been looking at our set one phonemes in phonics. We have practised reading the letters and learning the rhyme, forming the letters correctly and applying the letters in simple words.

In provision, the children are able to apply their skills in many ways including whiteboards, interactive boards, reading areas and phonics games. We have also introduced alien words into our provision and children are beginning to read CVC words, deciding if they are real or alien!

Don't forget about our ''Read with me'' sessions. Parents will be able to come into the unit and read with their children to promote the love of reading! The Early Years Team.

Key Stage 1

Our new approach to phonics means children are working actively and collaborating. With phonics screening in June, we have been learning about real and alien words. Look at our photos below of children working collaboratively to read words and work out if they are real or fake to sort them into two hoops.

Wider Curriculum: We hope you enjoy looking through our wider curriculum and finding out about the topics and areas we have been studying.

Key Stage 1

In KS1 our topic is ‘Around the World in 80 days’. On the first day we received a postcard from a bear called Barnaby, he was in London! We compared Barnsley to London to see what similarities and differences we have. The next week we received a postcard from Barnaby and he was in Madagascar! First of all we had to work out if Madagascar was real after we watched a snippet of the film. Barnaby had set us a mission; to help him get home, so we researched different ways to travel and decided that flying home was the quickest way. After this, we learnt about human and physical features of Barnsley and Madagascar and compared the differences between them. We are wondering where Barnaby is going to go next and what our mission is going to be!

Year 3: In History, Year 3 have been identifying similarities and differences in different sources of the Viking Goc 'Odin'. In Science, the children have conducted an experiment and written a report. 

Year 3/4

In wider curriculum, we have been researching the Vikings. We have practised our reading skills, retrieving information about who the Vikings were, why they are important to history and what they did at Lindisfarne.

Year 4

As part of our curriculum lessons, we have been studying the Vikings in history. We have looked at where the Vikings came from and why they chose to settle in Britain. We looked at dates from the past and ordered them.

We have used factual evidence to describe what was important to the people of the past. We studied the attacks on Lindisfarne and looked at different sources of evidence to understand what the attack was like. As part of our learning, we looked at the accuracy of evidence and how evidence can vary based on the source it comes from. We analysed evidence to choose the most accurate. We have enjoyed learning about the Viking way of life once they had settled in Britain.

Our Geography learning linked to where the Vikings came from and the physical and human features of a place. We were able to answer questions such as Why would the Vikings choose to settle in Britain? We compared the city of York to one of the Scottish islands as two locations where the Vikings settled.

We are now focusing on Art and DT and linking this to the Viking way of life. The children will be making long boats, weapons, shields, jewellery, runes and food.

In Science, we have been learning about magnets as a force. The children were able to identify magnetic objects and looked at the forces at work when attracting and repelling magnets. This half term we are moving on to look at Healthy Eating, the teeth and digestion.

In French, we have learnt greetings, songs and games. We can say hello, ask how a person is and answer this question. We can ask and answer questions which involve introducing ourselves. We can say how old we are and know our numbers to 20. We have learnt a few animals and can understand simple conversations.

In ICT, we have focused on E-safety and made movie trailers linked to the book we were studying in Literacy.

In PSHCE, we have been work on our self-esteem and about treating other people the way we would want to be treated.

Year 5: Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring WWII. In particular, Judaism: the 10 commandments and the story of Judaism. We have also started to research and design our DT project which will be to make and design an Anderson Shelter. We have already researched and looked in detail at how they were made and their purpose; now it’s time to make one! We are incredibly excited to do this and the children came up with fantastic ideas of how to make them! Mini architects in the making!

Year 6

This term has been dedicated to studying World War 2. Children have become engrossed in this subject and have studied a range of subjects. All children have been to Eden Camp to further develop their understanding of World War 2 and War in general. They enjoyed learning so much at Eden Camp and applying this to their learning back in school.

We have practised Historical enquiry skills and compared sources of information as well as using ipads to research particular topics. We began this subject by adding key events and dates to a timeline. These were then developed over the weeks and referred back to so children could retrieve key facts. Children particularly enjoyed learning about The Blitz and axis and allied powers.

We practised geographical skills using atlases to locate key countries and cities in continents across the world. Children created their own keys and compared their maps to others'. We looked at propaganda used in war and how each side used this to their advantage. Children used their artistic skills to re-create some of the most famous posters from WW2. Our curriculum has been developed throughout Literacy and Literacy skills too as we have read Goodnight Mr Tom and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We also studied part of Anne Frank's diary.

This half term has focused mainly on The Holocaust and Adolf HItler. Children have found this extremely interesting. We visited Worsborough Common's immersive hall to see imagery from the Holocaust, evacuees and concentration camps. We also listened to a man's account from the time of The Holocaust. We found this extremely interesting and took notes to help us write some fantastic, emotive poetry in Literacy.

In Science, we have studied gravity and air resistance. We then created our own parachutes to test our hypothesis. This half-term, we have been studying materials and how to classify them based on their properties. This has linked to our Design and Technology area.

We have now designed and created our own Anderson shelters based on what we have found out about them in history lessons. We would like to thank all the parents who came to help us on Wednesday afternoon this week. See our pictures below and our Twitter page for more...

We are using our computing skills to create slideshows/videos of the process when creating and evaluating our Anderson shelters. These will be posted online on our Twitter page and school website. In RE, we have focused on key Judaism beliefs as this is linked to the Holocaust and the problems Jewish people faced during WW2. We have also looked at key Christianity stories and celebrations and what they meant to us in our lives.

In Music, we have begun to perform as an ensemble and learnt how to add accompanying music to our singing. In French, we have studied vocabulary for body parts and re-capped what we know from previous years.

In PE, we have learnt the rules for ball games such as: basketball, netball, handball and hockey. We then created our own rules in teams and practised them in lessons to see how effective they were. We then evaluated the skills and rules we developed and re-designed the games to try and play the following week(s). This half-term, we have focused on creating work out routines for a child of our age. We spent time discussing and practising these in groups then tested them out on each other, testing heart rates and discussing how each child felt during and after the workout.

Next half-term, we are looking at using art skills and building on what we already have to create designs similar to famous artists.

Some of the photographs used in the Immersive space at Worsborough Common which were used to help children write emotive poetry.
A few of our photos from the DT afternoon where parents came to support us make our Anderson Shelters.

Action for Barnsley Homeless Shoe box Appeal

This year staff at Milefield Primary will be supporting the Action for Barnsley Homeless Christmas Shoe box Appeal. Staff across school will be donating items/shoe boxes to the charity. If you would like to support us by donating items or complete shoe boxes that would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be gratefully received and should be in school no later than Friday 13th December 2019.


Created with images by stux - "black board chalk traces" • Kelli Tungay - "Back to School" • Galina N - "untitled image" • Jessicah Hast - "Alphabet in Scrabble tiles" • Kyle Glenn - "untitled image" • Jonathan Farber - "Portrait of a viking" • Duncan Kidd - "untitled image"