Testing should be banned by Joshua Henriquez

Do you like to take test after test,every semester, stressing you out with an unsatisfying

Score? United States schools students are always stressing themselves for a test that does not measure their academic scores well. Tests do not measure students academic scores well because it stresses students; if they don’t get a good SAT score they won’t be able to go to a college they want to go and it can have negative stereotypes about that person. There should not be standardized testing because testing stresses students, there is too much emphasis placed on standardized tests, and standardized testing continues to contribute to stereotypes.
Tests are too stressful for students. According to the Article “Parents Protest High Stak”. “Now, by “” test scores are used to evaluate teachers, schools, districts, and states as well as individual students”(NewsCurrents Read To Know).This means that a lot is depended on the students,so if a good number of the students failed the standardized test, schools and districts can get shutdown; also teachers and administrators can get fired

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