Rue by:charlie BROWN


If you hear the mocking jays singing it you'll know i'm OK -Rue

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About Me

I may look small and weak but I can pack a punch. I'm small and flexible so I'm good at dodging a swing or punch. Im fast so I can run from possible threats. And I am acrobatic and in good at swinging in trees. So you should sponsor me #sponsorMePlease

Latest Blog Entery

I just saw the careers, they killed a girl. They spilled the beans about using Peeta to find and kill katniss and then kill peeta. This has been a change of events I also found out katniss was in a tree right next to me there was a tracker jacker nest right above her so I warned her and now she will use it against them by cutting it down and dive bombing them #WantToTeam #ScrawnyButStrong #WomenPower #FlowerPower

MyInterests and Skills

  1. Singing
  2. Using a slingshot
  3. Swinging from tree vines
  4. Farming
  5. Plants


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