Animal Kingdom group Classification

IC2 Anagni

Classi IV A /B S. Giorgetto, IV Tufano e IV Pantanello


By Simona Rattà

There are so many kinds of animals
All animals can breathe and move, ,but they're different in many amazing ways. Here, we look at how they are the same and how they are different.This helps us put them into groups

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Reptiles such as turtles snakes, crocodiles, and lizards are cold blooded like fish and amphibians, but they cannot breathe underwater. they have got dry, scaly skin. Most reptiles lay eggs, but they are very different from the eggs of amphibians or fish. They lay eggs out of water and have got a protective shell.


Amphibians are very interesting, because they can live on land and in water. They need to have wet skin, so they live in wet places.They lay their soft eggs in water. They have gills when they're young and the gills help them breathe in water.Most amphibians, like frogs,have legs that help them walk and jump on land.


All birds have two legs, two wings, and feathers, and most birds can fly.The wings and feathers help them fly, and the feathers help keep them warm. Birds lay eggs with hard shells. They keep the baby birds inside safe from animals that want to eat them.


Fish have gills to help them breathe in water. Scales all over their bodies help keep them safe from dangerous fish that want to bite them. They don't have legs, but their fins and tails help them swim. Fish lay their eggs in water, and their eggs are soft.


Some mammals live on land and some live in water. Whales are water mammals, and cats, rabbits, and lions are land mammals. Hair or fur covers most land mammals' bodies and this helps keep them warm. People are mammals too! Mammals don't lay eggs. Their babies drink milk from their mothers.



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