GlenwoodTimes #1 - January 2019

The latest edition of the Trinitonian has been sent home with your child. We encourage all pupils to enter the “Taste Bud Battle”. The outline of this competition can be found on pages 13 – 17.

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm 'welcome back' to all our Glenwood families. A special word of welcome to all our new families and pupils who are starting the Glenwood journey for the first time. Also afford me the opportunity of welcoming new staff to this vibrant and exciting school. Marna Myburgh is the first Old Glenwoodian who has joined our teaching staff. She will be teaching English and Afrikaans in the Preparatory school. Greta Benade, a much acclaimed and accomplished music teacher, has also joined the Prep staff - just watch our choirs this year! Our College also welcomes Rebecca Coertze and Philip Vercueil to the English Department.

Congratulations to our Matric class of 2018 (and also the hard-working teachers). They did Glenwood proud and kept our 100% pass rate intact. Special mention must be made of our top achiever, Dané Botha, and also Áedán Cumming, who both received a “full-house” of 7 distinctions. This group attained an average of 1,7 distinctions per candidate.

The school is already in full swing and these first two weeks have been hectic. Many of our inter-house activities have already taken place and I have been impressed by the talent and enthusiasm on display. A reminder to parents that it is compulsory for every pupil to take part in at least one extra-mural activity per term. Please help and support us in this regard. We have a wide range of activities on offer and we encourage our children to find the one that best suits them. Not everyone can make the cricket team or get into the choir but we do endeavour to create as many opportunities as possible for our pupils.

A number of our College and Prep pupils will be visiting Myanmar from 7 - 17 February on a special outreach programme. We wish them well on this amazing adventure. The College Music Department will also embark on an international tour to Belgium in April. They, the Marimbas and the Voice Ensemble, have been practising diligently and promise to give a good account of themselves.

Our Grade 8 Orientation has also reached its climax and it has been heartening to see the positive attitude displayed by the “GREENIES”. These pupils have shown what it takes to be blue-blooded Glenwoodians and we welcome them into the fold!

I look forward to 2019 being a year filled with opportunity. Make the most of what this year has to offer and encourage your children to embrace this wonderful opportunity you have given them.


It’s that time of the year again for Little Glens: back to school and back to reality! 14 January 2019 was the first day of school and we were so excited to welcome our families back. We had a lovely display and warm welcoming at the entrance of our school; we were all delighted to meet new families and children joining Little Glens. The year started with a colour explosion! All the children in Grade 000-0 have been coming to school with great excitement to see what their teachers and friends have dressed up in to represent the colour of the day, a different colour each day of the week. Teachers and children have spent quality time chatting about the colour throughout the day inside and outside the classroom, leading to great debates about different tones of colours and mixing them, too.

Left to Right: Troy Offen, Summer Love Harmse, Skye Mahne, Kauther Fontein


future world changers

You only get one first day at school and what a great school in which to have it.

Glenwood House had the privilege of welcoming a new group of Grade 1 learners into our family.

The big day arrived and was filled with great excitement and nervousness. Little people walked, smartly dressed, into their classrooms, eager to get on with things like math and homework, while parents took in how grown up their little ones have become. A photo booth was set up to capture the special milestone. Great fun was had throughout the day and everyone left with big smiles.

We can’t wait to see what these future world-changers will do.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” -Fred Rogers

Preparatory house captains

Glenwood House School Preparatory is proud to announce their house captains for 2019. They are, from left: Wido Rudolph and Carmi Lewis (Montagu); : Gabi Vakis and Shane van Eeden (Courtenay); Abigail Powell and Blake Crankshaw (Wellington).

Glenwood House / Living Ball Myanmar Outreach Tour

Glenwood is very excited about its first delegation of pupils to embark on an international outreach tour.

Early in February eleven pupils from Grade 7 – 9, and two teachers will ‘set sail’ for the shores of Myanmar (previously known as Burma) to visit a number of orphanages.

This undertaking was born out of a partnership with the Living Ball organisation and its founder, Mr Manie du Toit.

Living Ball has a network of South Africans living in Yangon and has begun establishing a ministry involving several local orphanages and schools in the city. Part of Manie’s vision is to involve young people in his ministry and to instil in them a passion for reaching out to the lost, hence, the partnership with Glenwood.

The tour will depart on 7 February and will return on 17 February 2019.

We ask you to pray for this trip: that it would be a life-changing experience for our children and that they will be able to share their experiences with their friends on their return.

The people attending the trip are: Kassidy Head (Gr 7), Ann-Louise Coertze (Gr 7), Gugu Zumbire (Gr 8), Maria Zumbire (Gr 8), Seke Zumbire (Gr 8), Tristan Scholtz (Gr 8), Tiaan Hugo (Gr 8), Cara Smit (Gr 9), Lara Durant (Gr 9), Christian Vercueil (Gr 9), Owen O’Sullivan (Gr 9), Mrs Eunice Ann Coertze (Prep School Teacher), Mr Philip Vercueil (College Teacher), Mr Manie du Toit (Living Ball Founder)


life saving season 2018/2019

Nearly 8 months ago, 24 Glenwood college students set out to join forces with the Eden Lifesaving crew to serve on the beaches during summer. Hours of intensive training over more than a 5-month period ensured that they were well-trained, prepared and equipped to be an asset to our local beaches, lagoons and public pools over the festive season. First aid level 3, CPR, fitness tests, swimming drills, signalling, rescue planning and team work were among the important aspects of their training and qualification.

This is the first time Glenwood House has had an organised group of students participate in serving on our local waterways. Their commitment, ability to work well in a team and general helpfulness was commended throughout the season. In order to be able to work during the season, each life guard had to complete months of theory training, pass several fitness and swim qualifications, and importantly, complete at least 30 hours of voluntary, community service under the supervision of an experienced life saver.

Our Glenwood learners joined teams along the coast, from Herolds Bay through to Wilderness, and assisted in preventing many drowning situations and helping those who got into trouble in the water. Thankfully, due to the preventative measures taken by the lifesavers, there were only a few emergency situations that required further medical intervention.

The life skills, responsibility, commitment and character that lifesaving builds into the lives of our young men and woman is priceless and I know the memories and experiences they have is a worthwhile exchange for the holiday time they each sacrificed to keep our beaches, tourists and locals safe over the season. Well done to each of them. We are very proud of your efforts and sacrifice these holidays. We are grateful that the school now has many Life Guards around our campus to assist at our various pool events throughout the year.

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.

Mr B Powell (Lifesaving co-ordinator)

Glenwood Canteen Says “Choose to Reuse”

Did you know that 40 billion disposable plastic eating utensils are used in the US every year? It’s reasonable to assume that South Africa has a similar addiction to single-use plastic. Globally, very few of these items are recycled and millions of tonnes of this litter ends up in landfills polluting our planet’s air, soil, food chains and ground water.

Students, teachers and parents making use of Glenwood House Canteen will notice some changes in the coming weeks. The school has decided to ditch the single-use plastic cutlery in an effort to cut plastic waste. The plastic forks and spoons which are currently available for eating hot food, salads, pastas and chips will be phased out in the next few weeks. We are strongly encouraging our school body to “Choose to Reuse” for the sake of the planet.

The Environment Society is selling eco-friendly reusable 'sporks' as an alternative to the disposable plastics. These stainless steel 'sporks' are lightweight and easy to clean. They fit in a child’s pocket or lunchbox and sell for R30 each. The 'spork' can be labelled with the student’s name by painting a strip of nail varnish or writing on duct tape.

'Sporks' are available for purchase from Mrs Clare van Rensburg’s classroom. Alternatively, students may bring their own fork or spoon from home or they can purchase a reusable plastic 'spork' from Mambos, Plastics for Africa or Game. Gavan and Ally Helling at the Glenwood House Tuckshop say they are also happy to sell the 'sporks' until the plastic cutlery is phased out. Gavan said he never could imagine drinking a cold drink without a plastic straw until the students pointed out that it wasn’t necessary. He says he is fully behind the initiative and hopes students will bring their own utensils to the tuck shop.

The Environment Society was awarded the Global Decade Eco-School award for their actions in 2018. The group was praised for tackling waste-management issues at Glenwood House School and in particular their ‘war on single-use plastics’. “The flagship project that really stood out and made an impact was on waste reduction and especially single-use plastic,” said WESSA Project Manager, Dr Cathy Dzerefos. Glenwood House encouraged all the students to bring reusable water bottles to school, ditch the plastic drinking straws and look at ways to cut their single-use plastic consumption in an Instagram Selfie Competition. Dr Dzerefos commented that the Enviro Society’s vision should act as an inspiration to other schools; “While I was assessing their file I was lifting out sections to email to other schools to encourage them to think and do as has been demonstrated by the Glenwood Enviro Society.”

One of the main aims of the Environment Society for 2019 is to encourage the school population to quit using disposable plastics, such as grocery bags, water bottles, coffee cups, straws and single-use cutlery. Students and parents can read more about this concept by using the hashtag #IQUITPLASTICS. We hope you join us in our efforts to ensure the health of our planet and “Choose To Reuse”!

Showcase 2018: THE GLENWOOD ROCK!

The stage is a place to showcase one’s talent and that is exactly what the learners of Glenwood House College did as performers in The Glenwood Rock! Over a third of our College learners transformed into prop-makers, choreographers, back stage-crew members, make-up artists, stage managers, technical experts, sound engineers, poster and ticket designers, banner creators, ushers, artists, dancers, singers, recital masters, Thespians and … true SUPERSTARS!

The showcase opened at the George Dutch Reformed Mother Church on the 15th of August 2018, followed on the 16th by the Gala Evening, where guests sat down at festive tables, beautifully decorated by parents, and laden with delicacies, delights and drinks - all thanks to generous sponsors.

When the lights faded, the performance space started to reverberate with the sounds of the powerful rock song “’We Will Rock You”’ by the pop group Queen, with our very own school band, Upstream, playing along to this famous track. Cast members marched into the performing venue and the message was clear: every audience member was in for an exhilarating evening of entertainment. Breath-taking singing, delightful dancing, heart-moving acting, and awe-inspiring gymnastic performances caused the hearts of every audience member to “rock” and thump with excitement.

The theme of the evening did not turn out to be the wild and loud antics associated with “The Rock of Ages’’. Instead, every member in the audience was confronted with the meaning of love in all its complexities and all its brilliant facets.

A big thank you to all the parents who worked so hard to support the show. Our sincere appreciation is also extended to the generous sponsors of this unforgettable event: Mr and Ms Ash (Fat Fish Seafood Restaurant, George), Mr and Ms Doherty (Garden Route Game Lodge), Mr Jacques Chapman (Royal Siam Thai Restaurant in Wilderness), Ms Sheryl van der Hoef (Stylz Hair and Beauty Salon in the Garden Route Mall), and to Graham Beck (Robertson Wine Valley).

A very special word of thanks to our enthusiastic, talented and vibrant Showcase performers and we certainly salute the Matrics of 2018 who participated in their last Glenwood House Showcase. An honourable mention goes to four ladies in particular who have been an integral part of the school’s cultural life since their arrival in the College - Caera and Siân Grindlay, Esmeralda Roon, and Genévieve Young. Your legacy will be embedded in our hearts forever.

(Ms Tanya Viviers - Cultural Coordinator)

Despite our best efforts, mistakes do, unfortunately, occur. One such a mistake was the inadvertent omission of the SHOWCASE photos and article. Apologies to all concerned for the oversight. Please enjoy the good memories of this event as you read about it.

College house

The House is off to a good start this year and blessed with a healthy intake of new boarders. Being in the same house with nearly 50 teenagers is always interesting and many memorable moments are created – from twisted ankles through to great achievements. It is nice to have a full house again - the sound of the piano being played in the dining room, laughter, music, chatter, and a variety of personalities.

We are happy to welcome Sarah Puffet to the House staff this year and hope that she will be happy in the House.

Grade 8s brought their stuffed toys with them to the House and had an opportunity to introduce their 'kids' and tell their life stories to the House. Three Grade 8 boarders have been accused of child abandonment for leaving their stuffed toys in the House and will have to do additional chores as punishment, after a trial conducted by their House peers. At the end of their orientation period, Grade 8s will donate their stuffed toys to a local hospital. The orientation period is a constructive experience for Grade 8 boarders and cannot be compared to the practice of “initiation”. Seniors mentor the Grade 8 boarders and support them in their journey of discovery in their new surroundings.

As boarding house parents, we gladly welcome back our staff – Ané, Gary, Johanna, and Karini, as well as Uncle Gavan and his staff. May the Lord bless this House and all we do, guard the children in our care, and grant us wisdom and grace this year. It has always been important for us that there is a strong sense of belonging in the House, a common sense of respect for others and that our boarders will always feel welcome in their home-away-from-home.

Fanie and Suzette Smit (Boarding House Parents)


mandy heggie

Mandy is happy, cheerful and constant. She is kind to others and always willing to lend a hand.

Mandy is the excellent, friendly receptionist at Little Glens. She ensures that all newsletters and administrative tasks are efficiently completed.

She has been part of the Glenwood Family for three years. She worked as the preparatory secretary and then moved across to Little Glens. We are very happy to have her as part of our team.

Mandy is a very proud mother of four children. She has two sons and two daughters who have all grown up and left her nest. She is an exceptionally doting granny to her beautiful granddaughter who was born last year November.

Mandy is full of surprises and a lady of many talents. She enjoys dancing, painting, sewing, running and restyling furniture.

She also enjoys the outdoors and being in an environment where she can be creative. She loves spending time with her special family.



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