Tristan O. Explorers

John Cabot

John cabot born 1450. Died 1500

John had a son he also had a son who became a explorer too

He disappeared in 1498. in 1497 he traveled from Bristol to Canada and mistook Canada for Asia. John Cabot was born Giovanni caboto around 1450 in Genoa Italy.

In 1474 john married a young women named Mattea. They had three boys ludivocio,sancto ,sebastiono. He was a explorer like his father.

In 1498 john Cabot went on a journey One ship got disabled the other ships went on John Cabot was on one of them. some people think they got lost at sea. We will never know how he and his crew died.

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an English explorer. He mad two unsuccessful journeys for an ice free passage to aisa. In 1609 he traveled to a river that will soon be named after himself. He was born in England circa 1565. He never really found what he was looking for. he spent his whole life trying to find a ice free passage to Asia.

But he just found a way to North America there is little information about Henry Hudson later people found out he married a women named Katherine. They had three boys together. He was considered one of the most famous explorers in the world.

In 1681 he joined the Dutch east India company as a commander he took charge of the half moon with the objective of discovering a northern route to Asia by heading north of Russia but ice put an end to his journey.

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