A Visit to the Harn Musuem By: Gilliane magdael

MEDIUM OF THE ART/ TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST: The medium of artwork is significant to the impact of the message and emotions that the art is trying to convey or express. I found the works of Lee Krasner in the contemporary women's art exhibit to be interesting and beautiful. She had three pieces hung up--each piece was simplistic and appealing to the eye. Krasner painted abstract images using one color on each canvas. Krasner's paintings bared similar resemblance to the styles of her husband, Jackson Pollock, which makes me wonder who influence whose artwork. The artwork made me feel happy and liberated because of the simplistic colors sporadically painted on a canvas.

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: I found the Asian artifacts/artwork exhibit to be the best designed space in the Harn Museum. I found the inside and the outside gardens to be extremely calming and soothing. The simplistic and open architecture of the Asian wing was beautiful, and the large, wide windows that illuminated the room with natural light was amazing. Overall, I enjoyed the vastness of the museum because it made it seem like the perfect place to relax and experience the world through the works of others.

ART AND CORE VALUES: This piece by Nahum Zanil in the Latin American wing is so profoundly personal and vulnerable. The piece is called Con todo respeto (With all respect) and the image portrays the image of Mexican heritage condensed onto a bus filled with various different characters. Zanil includes himself within the artwork seated next to one of his influences, Frida Kahlo, and his lover seated in the center of the image. Zanil mixes culture, religion, and his sexuality into this image which displays a bold statement about his struggle with his sexuality and culture within the Mexican society. I identify with this struggle as a gay Filipino. Zanil expresses his core values and vulnerabilities within this piece and I found it very insightful and brave. The struggle between conflicting core values of cultural and religious beliefs versus Zanil's innate homosexuality depicts one of my personal struggles and it is comforting to know that others are experiencing the same internal struggles as I am. Upon looking at this piece it made me reflect upon my own core values, further accepting and cherishing my way of life.

ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: The women's contemporary exhibit opens with an installation of the Guerrilla Girls who make bold, feminist pieces about the injustices that women within the art world face. One of the most eye-catching pieces is a large banner that reads "Do women have to be nake to get into the Met. Museum?"--this immediately makes a statement about how underappreciated and overlooked female artists are, while male artists that paint female nudes gain wide acclaim. The Guerrilla Girls' artwork makes the audience think about the injustices that females face in a bright and bold way, blatantly stating facts and statistics within their works. Their work incorporates the Fighting theme of the Good Life, the path towards gender equality is a long way from over but through these insightful and forceful works the Guerrilla Girls are definitely making a large impact.

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