Bluebonnets The Heart of Texas in a Flower


by Andrea Dietrich

Springtime greenness life release

Bluebonnets grow high

Sweetness entanglement tastes

Kiss on purple sky

The Deepest Blue in Texas

by The Beatnik

Our state flower is beautiful indeed.

Lush fields of bluebonnets evoke the heavenly.

Along miles of Texas highways the air is sweet.

God's awesome majesty scattered in fields of green.

Under painted skies of purple and orange

As far as the eye can see.

As majestic as the state she calls home,

This wildflower grows only in her native soil.

No yellow rose can outshine her,

Not the eyes of a Texas Queen.

The deepest blue in Texas,

Just like her new blue jeans.

So let's walk in fields of azure

And hold hands under sunny skies

Until the sun goes down and evening turns to night.

Then we'll lie on a bed of indigo blooms in the moonlight.

Painting Pastures

by Hyster

Brave settlers crossed the wilds of Texas,

and buried poor babes along the way.

Their eyes beheld a sea of bright red

while wagons muddled along through clay.

Lush crimson waves drenched their thirsty eyes,

over fields bold and lavishly sprawled.

Prairie girls would tuck some in their hair.

Indian Paintbrushes they were called.

When news of the Alamo came ‘round,

it sure broke every stout heart in two,

and as each tear rained upon the ground,

sprang a flower clad in bluest blue.

Those petals shaped like little bonnets

helped to comfort and patch aching hearts,

and like a promise they bloom each spring,

painting pastures into works of art.

We Are Texas

by tbonemason

We are the pure white star on a field of blue.

We are the bravery of patriot’s red blood.

We are one state under God.

We are Come and Take It.

We are fighters.

We are the Battle of San Jacinto.

We are the Alamo.

We are an old pickup truck full of fragrant blue bonnets.

We are a tractor harvesting cotton.

We are a worker, toiling in the hot oil fields.

We are a longhorn steer, grazing on the plain.

We are sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea.

We are laughing and joking with friends.

We are a handshake, warm and courteous.

We are serious about our football.

We are burnt orange on Saturday nights.

We are National Champions.

We are meeting at the church Sunday morning.

We are kneeling in prayer.

We are the Lone Star State.

We are Texas.

Texas Bluebonnets

by OceanDancer

There is a place for me

in a field of bluebonnets of their own spree

Under a pecan tree

growing so wild and free

In fields by the highway for everyone to see

No picking let them stay fresh in their colorful glee

They're so beautiful and I know we can agree

Bluebonnets in the Afternoon

by Madison Humada

I remember those afternoons when we'd dance among the flowers.

The sun sat high up in the sky, tanning our skin for hours.

We grew up sweet and slow in the Texas bluebonnets.

Their scent did touch my heart and left its mark upon it.

The sun has now set on that ever blue field,

We've found out what our lives would yield.

It's been years yet we have more than our memories.

We walk that field today and I feel your arms around me.

Someday soon we'll have our children with us.

They too will play in the bluebonnets of Texas.

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Marc Ira Hooks

Created By
Marc Ira Hooks


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