Famous Heros of the 1920's by: brayden lantzer & logan lippencott

Sports Hero's Of the 1920's

  1. Joe Lewis-Joseph Louis Barrow was a famous boxer in the early 1900's and competed for over 20 years. one fact about him is that his nickname was "Brown Bomber" Another fact is he was one of the best heavyweights of all time. Last Joe was his championship reign lasted 140 months in a row. People loved him because of how good he was at boxing.
  2. Henry McDonald- Henry was a american football player born in 1890. People loved Henry because he was the best African american football player at that time. one fact is that he was adopted by his father boss. Another is that he was born in Haiti. Last Henry played for the Rochester Jeffersons.
  3. Helen Wills- Helen was a famous tennis player in the early 1900's she was loved for being the number 1 tennis player for 9 years in a row. One fact is that her nickname was Helen wills moody. Next was that she was born in Fremont California. Last is that she won the 1924 summer Olympics in tennis.

Famous Flight Hero of the 1920's

  1. Charles Lindbergh- Charles Lindbergh was a military officer, author, inventor, explorer those are just some of the things he was. He died at rthe age of 72 in 1974 born on Feb. 4 1902. one fact is that his nickname was slim. Also He made the first solo flight across the atlantic. Last is that his plane was the "Spirit of St. Louis". People loved him for being the first to do that long of a flight.

Famous Jazz Hero of the 1920's

  1. Joe "King" Oliver- Joe Oliver was a jazz player in the early 1900's people loved him because if it wasn't for him jazz wouldn't be what it is today he found a new way to do things during that time. One fact about is he moved to Chicago when he was released from jail in 1918, Another is he had a daughter named Ruby. Last Louis Armstrong said that Joe was was his biggest inspiration and he wouldn't be doing it if Joe wouldn't have taught him.

Present Day Hero's

  1. August Alsina- August Anthony Alsina jr. is a present day Hip Hop/R&B artist, people love august because he brought a new style for present day hip hop into to industry and he came from nothing and used his talent which he practiced as a kid to do so he could get out. One fact about August is From New Orleans, Louisiana, A second fact is he grew up without a father and raised by his mother.The last fact is that His brother and him used to sleep on a stores floor when his mother kicked them out and when his brother died August decided to push for his music career.

2. Soulja boy-DeAndre Cortez Way AKA Soulja Boy is a rapper who also came from nothing and rose to the top, what made Soulja boy so loved in the community was that he has never signed with anyone to get where he is and now is starting to sign to him so he can manage them,One fact about him is that he Was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Another fact is that he is only 26 years old. Last Soulja boys number one hit was in 2007 called "Crank That" which is what made him rise to the top at that time.


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