1960s Protest Music fORTUNATE sON

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand. Lord, don't they help themselves, no But when the taxman comes to the door. Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yeah

It ain't me, it ain't me. I ain't no millionaire's son, no no. It ain't me, it ain't me. I ain't no fortunate one, no

1.) Who is the artist?

The artist of Fortunate Son is sung by Creedance Clearwater Revival

2.) What is the name of the Song?

The name of the song by Creedance Clearwater Revival is called Fortunate Son.

3.) When was it recorded/released?

The song was recorded/released in September 1969 as a single by Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

4.) What other (if any) famous songs do they sing?

The Creedance Clearwater Revivial sang a vast majority of songs such as Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, and Have You Ever Seen the Rain.

5.) What do you think the lyrics of the song mean? (Line by line, verse by verse)

The lyrics and the meaning of the song "Fortunate Son", is that the refrain of the song say that a man isn't a "fortunate son", because he was drafted to go fight in the Vietnam War, and all men were forced to fight in the war unless they go to college. "born with silver spoon in hand," refers to the fortunate sons.

6.) How do they relate to or reflect the time period?

This reflects off the time period because this song was an anti-war protest song for the Vietnam War, a period in which some men were forced to fight the war in.

7.) What is taking place in history when the song was recorded or popular?

The Vietnam War was taking place during the release of this song.

8.) What was the overall inspiration and message of the lyrics of the song

The inspiration and the message of the song was that it had a strong protest against the Vietnam War and the political establishment in late-1960s America.

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