Andrew Carnegie vs Modern Day Entrepeuners By dr. souley cissokho

Andrew Carnegie, Looking at Camera

Andrew Carnegie is a captain of industry because:

  • He comes from humble begginings. His family was not very wealthy
  • He helped kick start the steel industry.
  • He was a philanthropist who helped out many schools and libraries across New York.
Andrew Carnegie's Birth Cottage. The family lived in an attic above the father's weaving shop. This shows that he can from humble upbringings.
Andrew Carnegie's Mansion in Scotland. This shows that he made enough money in his life to live like a king. He started from the bottom now he can live VERY comfortably.
Bill Gates is a modern Captain of Industry who brought computers to the household for everyone to use.

Gates' is a Captain of Industry because

  • He pioneered a new era of computers in the average household.
  • Gates' supports and funds public libraries for people all across America
  • Gates' also works on improving health care for the millions for poverty stricken people in the world.
Bill Gates as the CEO of Microsoft. He took the expensive and complicated computer, and made it into a tool that billions of people use everyday. He is retired, but is the advisory for current CEO Satya Nadella.
Bill Gates has donated 5 Billion dollars between 2005 and 2011 to grants who are trying to make a change for education.
Bill and his wife Melinda are working on getting rid of malaria and other diseases. They are also firm believers of vaccination.

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