The Thief and His Mother By: Ilesh shrestha

English Version:

One day, a boy decided to steal a textbook from his school. His mother found out about this and instead of punishing the child, she encourages him to do this more often. As the boy gets older, he starts stealing more and more things of greater values. One day he was caught stealing and was sentenced to die. On the day of the execution, he wanted to tell his mother something before he died, so he leans in to whisper to his mother, but instead bites her ear off and yells at her for not beating him when he stole the textbook and because she had not righted his wrongs.

Latin Version:

Uno dieo, puer decrevit abripere volumen a schola. Eius mater cognovit haec magis puniendo puero, citat eum facere saepius. Tamquam puer fit senior, incepit abripere plus et plus res pretio maior. Unus dies prendebatur furatur et damnabatur perire. In die functionis, voluit dicere eius matrem aliquid priusquam mortuus est, tam inclinat mussare materi suo, sed mordet aurem eius et clamitat eam nam non verberat eum cum voluminem abreptus erat et nam correctus erat suum iniuriam.

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