Doha Academy AlWaab Secondary Year 8 & 9 Options Evening Online Booklet

Our Curriculum Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all Doha Academy students will develop the skills to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible, well cultured citizens who are fully prepared for modern life.

At Key Stage 3, our students develop an inquisitiveness for learning through an engaging, challenging and vibrant curriculum. Years 7 and 8 lay the foundations for life-long learning through a focus on the development of key skills and concepts in all subject areas. This is supported by an excellent pastoral system which encourages a holistic approach to student learning, including personal, cultural and spiritual awareness. All students have access to a rich extra curricular programme which aims to foster individual talents and interests.

Our three year Key Stage 4 is designed to ensure that all learners have a right to follow a pathway which supports their talents and interests. From the foundations laid in KS3, students will develop a deep learning of subjects which supports their future ambitions. The three year Key Stage 4 will help students develop the necessary language and skills to achieve at the highest level.

IGCSE Information

What are IGCSE(s)

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. GCSE examinations are taken by the vast majority of students in England and Wales. (I)GCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is at least of the same standard as the GCSE, and for many students is more suited to students in International Schools where the courses and examinations will have an international flavour rather than being grounded in British situations and settings.

Examination Boards

Doha Academy is an accreditated Cambridge and Edexcel centre.

You will find the examination boards signposted with the subject; Subject Heads have made an educationally informed decision on which, examination board to offer.


Cambridge will continue to use A* -U grades.

Edexcel will use a new 9 -1 grading system. A grade 9 is equivalent to A**. A Grade 5 is equivalent to C. A grade 1 is equivalent to G. Please see below for grade equivalences.

Cambridge Vs Edexcel Grading

Please note: Universities across the world are being made aware of these changes and will accept either the traditional grading A*-U or the new 9-1.

Compulsary and Optional Subjects

Students are required to take English, Maths and ICT IGCSE. In addtion to this all students in Year 9 will follow non-examined subjects of Arabic (unless chosen as an option), Qatari History, Religion and Physical Education.

In Year 9 students will follow non-examined subjects of Religion and Physical Education.

Students are able to choose an additional four subjects from our broad IGCSE offer.

Next steps

The purpose of this booklet and the IGSCE Options Evening is to assist your son or daughter in making the best curriculum choices.

During the evening you will have the opportunity to talk with subject teachers about their subjects. If at the end of the evening there are unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Appointments can be made with reception.

After this evening, please discuss with your son or daughter, which options they would like to pursue.

On February 12th it is Parents' Evening for Girls; On February 15th it is Parents' Evening for Boys. We strongly encourage you to attend to gather more information about your son or daughter’s academic suitability to the subjects.

You will find in the back of this book the Option Form. This needs to be completed and returned to your Son or Daughter’s form tutor by February 19th.

Your son or daughter will find out their allocated option choices by the end of term.

Subjects on offer...

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