Kidney Stones by: group 1

Everyone has a possibility to get kidney stones in their life. If you don't drink enough water, you can possibly get kidney stones. Even animals can get them.

More than half a million people go to the emergency room because of kidney stones. It's estimated that one out of ten people get kidney stones in their life time.

Kidney stones is a disease. it is a hard mass formed in the kidneys, typically consisting of unsolvable calcium compounds.
Kidney stones were first discovered in Egyptian mummies. In 1901, and archaeologist found a kidney stone in a 4500-5000 year old mummy. English Archeologist E. Smith discovered them.

kidney stones are found in well your kidneys. you can get treatment by just passing them but if the kidney stone is too big then you have to get surgery to remove them.

how dog kidney stones pass.
how a human passes stones.
Like i said before, if you don' t drink enough water, you have a possibility of getting kidney stones. They can grow as big as a golf ball. Kidney stones aren't easy to pass because they have a crystalline structure.

They can lead to many, many complications. They cause intense pain and you are unable to release your urine.

It relates to us humans and animals because we all have kidneys, and everyone can get them. You only need one kidney to live. your kidney is basically the size of your fist.

Something to prevent getting kidney stones is by drinking a sufficient amount of water daily, and by watching how much salt you eat.

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