Celebrating Canada By : Damita S.

Tim Hortons

Tim hortons is a place we as a whole have been at any rate once in our lives. You've known about it , seen it on television, and seen it on billboards when driving past. This business initially started in May 17 1964("Timeline Corporate."). Believe it or not Tim Hortons was known for being an easygoing fast food chain that sold burgers. However, during the time has advanced and now just offers espresso and donut shop. Tim horton and Ron joyce("Timeline Corporate.") are the organizers of this stunning organization. This eatery is known for its incredible assortment of nourishment and beverages. Some of which incorporate ice caps,tim hortons, there famous doughnuts and some more. Tim Hortons is found all around the globe however is a Canadian organization which was led over by the USA. All things considered this is an extremely balanced business and is adored beyond a reasonable doubt by many individuals.

Why I choose it

I pick this as one of my three subjects because I enjoy the most of their administration and there refreshments. Ice tops and french vanillas from this joint are my top choice. I additionally appreciate the administration that they accommodate us. As a child I grew up close to a Tim Hortons and was taken there regularly. My family and I both appreciate investing energy and making up for lost time over some great nourishment and espresso.


Canada has progressed significantly in the previous years when coming to multiculturalism. The importance of this word can stress numerous things. It could mean uniting races , tolerating individuals for their identity and their social foundations, or even simply being glad for your identity and how you are found on the planet. Canada was one of the primary nations to take in this demonstration in the time of 1971. ("Canadian Multiculturalism...)This strategy expressed the equal privileges of native individuals and the two languages that related with Canada. English and french. Being permitted to convey what needs be without feeling any weights about their way of life or the general public around. With a Canadian citizenship comes many rights and obligations. With multiculturalism comes popular government and flexibility. To conclude, this variable is a critical one.

Why I chose Multiculturalism

I decided to write about multiculturalism in light of the fact that to me that is something that ought to be all over the place and is critical. I trust that everybody should have the capacity to feel safe about themselves and there culture without living in the dread of being murdered or harmed. I am glad to live in a nation with laws and directions made for equality. This subject is something that i grew up learning. I was educated to love everybody for themselves and to never separate in light of racial foundations. I discovered that regardless of what I should never judge anybody since i don't know there story or what they've been through. The word multiculturalism is a word I want to hear and plan to hear later on and numerous years to come.


Montreal is located in Quebec. It is a stunning spot to go for touring as well as fora road trip. It is known as the second biggest french speaking city, after Paris. Montreal is known for having uncommonly delightful perspectives and extraordinary cooking. It has the highest number of eateries per city in Canada. The name of this city originates from Mont Royal Park(Frankfurt, Sprachcaffe.) This territory is known to have the greater part of our worldwide occasions and has many parades and demonstrates every year. More than 3 million individuals come to visit Montreal consistently(Frankfurt, Sprachcaffe.). This city has numerous insider facts and history. It has its own particular underground city which has many passages prompting to numerous vital spots. Montreal is known for having numerous enormous pretty churches. It is the second biggest urban areas in Canada. And winter this city is very beautiful.

Why I choose it

I decided to choose montreal because i had many memories from my youth and current time here. I cherish the scene and the view this place offers. It has numerous lovely vacation destinations and delectable nourishment you can't discover anyplace else. As a family tradition we go each mid year to this territory and remain for a couple days while going to numerous zones. The winter fair is my most loved time to go. This is because i love seeing bonhomme ("Bonhomme, the King of..) and the maple syrup is delightful. Taking everything into account, Montreal is an amazing place for me.


To conclude this project I love many things about Canada but these three things have to be my favorite. Tim Horton, Montreal, and Multiculturalism are very important factors to my life growing up in Canada and which lead me to choose them.




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