Mrs. Pfeiffer's fabulous news! February 10, 2017


This week we read, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere." We have read lots of poetry, but this was informational poetry. We also watched a video of someone who put the words to music to show how poetry can be turned into song. The students ended the week doing an online scavenger hunt where they looked up facts from the Revolutionary War. All of this background knowledge will help them next week when we start our next novel, "Woods Runner."


This week we have been working on different division strategies. We learned how repeated multiplication can help them find the answer. We also learned a strategy called partial quotients, and I taught the traditional method. Again, I stress that as long as the student is finding the right answer, they may solve it any way that is comfortable for the student.


Mrs. Habeeb visited our class this week to discuss the subject of water. She taught the students several science vocabulary words to teach about the water cycle and where water can be found. The students all made a water cycle in a bag. Since our classroom does not have outside windows we made three groups. One group of water cycle bags is in another teacher's classroom with directly sunlight, the second group is on our windows where it will receive indirect sunlight and the third group will not receive any sunlight. We will be watching these bags for a week to determine what happens to the water in the bag.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday February 14th: 1:30-2:30 Valentine's Day Party- We are making our bags for valentines today, so the students may start sending in their class valentines on Monday.
  • Please return your permission slip to see James and the Giant Peach, Jr (and our very own Delaney!) by February 15th.
  • No school- Monday February 20th- President's Day
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