Mrs. Pfeiffer's fabulous news! February 16, 2018


This week the students learned a little more about Paul Revere through a portrait he had painted of himself, and one of his engravings. They also did an online scavenger hunt to continue gaining background knowledge about the Revolutionary War. They had to navigate a website to find:

  • information about different battles
  • differences between the British and American military
  • information about life in the colonies during that era


This week we have been working on different division strategies. We learned how repeated multiplication can help them find the answer. We also learned a strategy called partial quotients, and I taught the traditional method. Again, I stress that as long as the student is finding the right answer, they may solve it any way that is comfortable for the student.

Valentine's Day

Thank you so much to the parents that donated treats and juice to make our Valentine's day special. The students passed out their cards to one another. We teamed up with Kindergarten to play some games as well.

Important Dates

  • Book orders due Monday!! You can order online at scholastic.com
  • 11:30 Dismissal- Wednesday February 28th.
  • 2:00 Dismissal- Friday March 23rd
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