Welcome to Crickies

Crickies is a Cookie company created in an effort to help mankind. Our cookies Contain 100% Cricket Protein Powder to help give a growing global population an alternative and more efficient source of protein.

Our Product

The global population is estimated to hit a whopping 9.8 billion people by 2050, all with stomaches to fill. The problem is, protein rich food like meat is harder to grow and more taxing on mother nature. Crickies is a company that seeks to give consumers a healthy snack to get more protein in their diets, without the need for normal Livestock farming. Each Crickies Cookies contains 10 grams of Cricket Protein Powder for a healthy boost.

Why Crickets?

Naturally crickets are easier to produce then current livestock such as cattle or chicken for many reasons. The top four reasons are they grow faster, they use less space, they use less resources and most importantly they produce more protein. In fact Crickets a full 25% more protein per serving in every 100 grams. They also only have a 2 month growth period to reach adulthood, while Cattle takes about 18 months to be considered mature. Crickets don’t need fields to graze, they can grow in Tupperware containers inside. In addition Cattle feed to beef ratio is 3:1 which means 300 lbs of food gets 100 lbs of beef; Cricket feed ratio is about 1:1 so 100 lbs of food gets 100 lbs of Crickets. This means Cricket farming saves about three times more resources then that of Cattle farming.

Product Specs.

Crickies can be bought online or at your local grocery store. The box comes with ten packages inside for a total of 30 cookies. The packages themselves come with 3 cookies in the bag total. Each cookie contains about 10 grams of protein powder which comes to a total of 30 grams of protein per package. This helps give consumers a healthy boost toward the daily recommended protein intake. Each Box costs roughly $22 to purchase.

Crickies Website

Crickies also has a website available from your computer or any mobile device. It gives customers information about the brand, like nutritional values and more. Crickies is only sold in stores or through major online retailers such as Amazon. However, merchandise can be purchased through the site anytime.

Digital Advertising

We are company that looks toward the future, hence why we target the people of the future. Kids and young adults aged five to fifteen years old are our targeted audience. We hope that the younger audience members will be more accepting of a concept like our own. We want Crickies to be a loved lunchtime snack. To reach a younger audience often times you must also reach their Parents. Which is why Crickies created a social media ad campaign across Facebook and Instagram, in hopes of reaching that specific demographic.


We also hope to let customers learn more about the brand and try the product, and so we created the Crickies Cookies Cart. These are placed at all grocery store locations where the product is sold, such as Costco or Whole Foods. This will allow Mothers and often times their children a chance to try. To also get kids excited about the brand we placed these Carts at fun educational places as well. Locations such as Zoos, Aquariums, Museums and much more. We hope the brand will be seen as an educational novelty snack at these locations allowing us to gain brand recognition and educate consumers about us.


To help get our brand out into the publics view we created promotional merchandise as well. The goal of these two items is to further the idea of Crickies as a lunch time snack for kids, while also furthering efforts toward brand recognition. The merchandise stays with our brands identity by being made from 100% recycled materials which helps Mother Nature. The merchandise can be purchased online and/or purchased at some Crickies Cookies Carts.

Targeted Audience

First Persona

In order to better understand our target audience, Crickies used research to create personas. Timothy Crumb was created to embody the demographic of our targeted consumers. Though Timothy could not purchase the cookies on his own, kids are still our primary audience because they will consume the product. For Timothy he would either see a Crickies Cookies Cart somewhere or more likely he would see the colorful box while shopping with his Mom. We find some kids less deterred by the "icky" factor associated with bugs.

Second Persona

Our second persona was created to represent a key demographic in our marketing, which is the parents. Stephany represents the mothers who normally shop for their Children's food especially school lunches. Stephany would most likely hear about our product via social media Ad, Our sample carts or simply seeing it on shelf in store. She would be hesitant to try the cookies herself but research showed she would be likely to allow her kids to try.

Crickies Research

Entomophagy or the practice of eating bugs isn't particularly relevant in western culture, and so we did extensive research with this audience. Our studies uncovered that 50% of the population are actually willing to ingest bugs. However, they must be in a powder form and not visible. We found that they are unlikely to eat them whole. Which is why we decided to put the protein powder in the cookies at the dough making process. The chocolate chips help to eliminate any excess protein tastes as well, which allows a better consumer experience.


We do have a few competitors such as Exo and Chirps. Both of which are marketed toward athletes and people trying to stay in shape. Crickies differs in many ways like our goal being geared toward the betterment of mankind's future. Our brand colors represent our use of all natural ingredients and our mission to help the Earth. Our logo is designed to show the fun side of our brand while hopefully getting the youths interest. One obvious difference is we make cookies, while they sell other products. Also out’ve 57g in each pack 30g are pure protein meaning over 50% of our product is protein. We at Crickies guarantee that our cookies are the delicious snack thats protein packed!

Created By
Reece Sclafani