Aledo Softball 2020 Photos by Marissa Powell

“Cheering in the dugout is important because it gets everyone engaged. Every voice is needed to get the dugout as long as possible. When I’m up to bat and hear my teammates cheering for me, it gives me confidence and gets me hyped up. Also, it’s just fun cheering on everyone as loud as we can and losing our voices. Everyone is hyped up and ready to win the game.” -Nathalie Touchet, pitcher, freshman, V
“Stepping into the box is definitely my comfortable place on the field. I try to always think “it’s my pitch until it’s not”. I want to be aggressive in the box no matter what pitcher we are facing. I try to keep the mindset I can hit anything that comes my way.” -Caitlin Beaty, catcher, sophomore, V
“I love when we have drumsticks. I think it makes us all get into the game and get excited.” -Kayleigh Smith, pitcher, sophomore, V
“As a freshman at first it [varsity] was a little intimidating but I knew that I was on varsity for a reason and I needed to do my job to help the team. Out team really started to come together towards the middle of the season and I was looking forward to playoffs and hopefully going far in my first high school softball season.” -Reagan Davis, left field, freshman, V
“This team is so much more than a sport, we are a family. No matter where we are we know we have amazing coaches and fourteen sisters that always have our back. The fondest memories of high school have been made on the field with these amazing girls.” -Morgan Brown, catcher, junior, V
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