Welcome to Globelink 30 year anniversary

Over the last thirty years a company from Palmerston North has shown that you can come a long way by listening to customers and making sure you deliver what they ask for.


Peter started the Globelink business with David and Vicki Stewart in 1990. He assumed the General Manager role in 2000 and oversaw a period of significant growth for the business.

His career in the electrical industry began with Andrew Stewart & Sons, a family business founded in 1945, which later became known as Stewarts Electrical Supplies.

Peter’s 40+ years’ experience in the electrical industry provides valuable strategic insight to the Globelink business. He maintains long lasting relationships throughout the industry and now supports the business as a board member alongside David and Vicki Stewart and their son Andrew.

Closer to home, Peter is a dedicated family man and spends a lot of his time at the family bach in Hawkes Bay. A keen fisherman, diver and explorer, Peter has enjoyed many opportunities to travel and looks forward to experiencing more countries and cultures in the future.

Globelink's History

Globelink was established in 1990 and with humble beginnings, we occupied space in the warehouse of Andrew Stewart and Sons in Palmerston North. The company was run by Sid Appleby and offered a niche range of electrical products.

Vicki Stewart 1992

As time passed, we recognised the need to broaden the product offering beyond switches and flexible conduit. As more products were added such as lighting, heating and industrial controls, Globelink experienced growth and was regularly visible in electrical wholesale branches across the country.

Globelink's second office - Lombard Street, Palmerston North

Soon, came a move into a dedicated warehouse with more staff joining the team. Globelink continued to maintain close engagement with customers. The family values on which the company was built led to preference and loyalty in the marketplace.

Globelink Team 2000, Peter Stewart (General Manager)

The acquisition of new brands and a broader product offering continued to grow Globelink’s reputation as a supplier that can deliver products of excellent quality and be trusted to fulfil customer needs quickly and efficiently.

With growing in-house expertise and further expanded warehouse space, Globelink grew to become a trusted and reliable supplier to the electrical industry. Strategic acquisitions continued to add additional product ranges, delivering more choice and value to customers.

There has always been a Stewart on the Globelink board, providing easy access to over 75 years of electrical industry expertise. The values and principles on which the company has been built remain a core part of Globelink’s identity and sense of duty to customers and the marketplace.

Globelink's second birthday 1991 - David Stewart, Sid Appleby, Peter Stewart

Having survived multiple recessions, significant technology shifts and a changing landscape with brands and agencies - Globelink has always emerged stronger.

The company is now led by Samantha Stewart, representing four generations in this industry. With her enthusiastic and knowledgeable team behind her, it not only illustrates longevity and stability for the company, but does so with a fresh and innovative approach.

Our friendly Customer Service team - Natalia Martinez (left) and Robyn Murdoch (right)


Bevan McGibbon’s electrical industry career began as a teenager picking products in the warehouse of the family business, McGibbon Dunne & Co.

After finishing University, he officially began working as a storeman for the company in 2000. Bevan took on various additional roles within the business including purchasing and sales.

He was appointed General Manager in 2009 and helped navigate McGibbon Dunne & Co’s purchase by Globelink in 2012.

After exploring other areas of the electrical industry and gaining valuable experience, Bevan returned to Globelink in 2019 as the National Sales Manager.

Passionate about the electrical industry and its people, Bevan enjoys delivering value for customers and shares the same values that make Globelink the business it is today.

Bevan’s passions lie at both ends of the adrenaline scale as he’s a motorsport enthusiast with over 5 years racing experience and a scratch golfer who still tries to play when time permits. His race car has recently been replaced by a motorhome as he looks forward to exploring more of what New Zealand has to offer, albeit at a slower pace than he is used to on the track.

Globelink Today

With a new team at the helm and a reinvigorated approach to market, the past year has seen some changes at Globelink.

We’ve carefully developed our strategy to set the business up for growth, while ensuring that we continue to provide unmatched customer service.

The team at Globelink are motivated, capable and have a clear understanding of their responsibilities. This means that our customers and partners couldn’t be in safer hands and will continue to get more from choosing Globelink.

Unmatched Product Quality and Performance

Underpinned by excellent people, strong infrastructure and smart processes, we have consolidated our product offering to deliver the best quality and performance possible across a range of categories:






The outcome of the changes and improvements we’ve made to business functions has been a sustained period of growth.

Cultivating a culture of progress is already paying off and allows us continually identify ways to deliver more value to the market.

Customer Focus

Our talented team now have industry training alongside regular product training. We’ve learned that it’s not enough to just be experts in our own product range.

We need to know how our products are used in applications, what compatibility is available, what terminology will help communication and what challenges are faced so that we can deliver solutions.

New Gewiss Catalogue launching 2021

We’re committed to providing our customers with the right tools and knowledge to give them and their customers more value and confidence in our product portfolio.

Alongside our ongoing pursuit of quality products for customers we're mindful of continuing to play to our strengths. Delivering value to branches remains an important focus.

We are committed to regular branch visits and consistent engagement with customers, as its their feedback that equips us with the most valuable insights.

Bevan McGibbon
Ella, grand-daughter of Globelink Directors David and Vicki Stewart

The next generation


In a similar path to her father Peter, Samantha Stewart began working part time in the office and warehouse of the Globelink business in 2005.

In 2013 Samantha joined Philips Lighting and by 2014 was appointed National Field Sales Manager and gained valuable experience and engagement with the industry.

In 2017 Samantha re-joined Globelink as National Sales Manager before becoming General Manager in 2019.

She is committed to maintaining the values and high service levels enjoyed by customers for 30 years.

Samantha is highly active and enjoys a large collection of sports and hobbies. Still an enthusiastic netball player, her newer passions include surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding as well as a very new appetite for golf. Adventurous and eager for new experiences, Samantha will take any opportunity to travel and learn about the world and the people in it.

Globelink's Future

Globelink is a company that has undergone many changes in the last thirty years, but one key thing that has remained consistent is our company identity.

We believe the key to consistently doing good business for three decades is placing the highest value on our customers and our people. This family business has a true family culture and the evidence can be seen in our loyal, hard-working team.

Maintaining a culture where every member of the team feels valued and appreciated makes pursuing excellent customer experience instinctive. The reward is that our successes are well-celebrated and challenges are met with determination and team work.

Natalia Martinez, Customer Service

As the latest Stewart to lead Globelink, it’s particularly gratifying to be a part of maintaining and extending an amazing identity that’s been carefully crafted over 30 years.

As Globelink progresses into its fourth decade we are committed to continuing our evolution by delivering value to our customers and delivering an enjoyable experience for all staff, customers and partners.


We will continue to identify new agencies and deliver quality, high performing products to the New Zealand market.

We will continue to listen to our customers and uncover the solutions they need to satisfy their customers and enrich their businesses.

We will ensure that we have the products our customers need, when they need them and provide a stress-free and satisfying supply chain.

We will continually pursue technical excellence and strive to grow the knowledge and capabilities of our team, ensuring they are proud of their skills and enthusiastic about customer needs.

We will continue to be accessible, effective and engaging within the industry to maximise the value our customers receive when they choose to do business with us.

Our intentions for the future are all based on existing qualities within the Globelink business.

We will continue to bring innovative ideas to market while remaining true to our traditional wisdom and values that date back to the 1940s when our family started out in the industry.

Equipped with this heritage I’m excited to see us continue to support our customers, our industry and our community.

The Future

As a business we are focused on how we harness technology and enhance our ability to deliver with accuracy and speed. Internal procedures, tools and infrastructure are constantly under review to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to be more efficient and effective.

The technical competency of our staff is continually cultivated and the ongoing refinement of our training approach will nurture their skills and deliver leadership within the industry.

Our meticulous approach to identifying the right agencies for the industry remain unchanged and we’ll never pursue an agency that isn’t a perfect fit for the market and promises value to our partners and customers.

Thank you

Business is rarely without obstacles. Persevering and excelling are the true marks of character and tenacity.

The Stewart family and the extended Globelink team would like to thank our trusted partners in business, our suppliers and our customers. By choosing to partner with people you like and trust, we believe you are creating the foundations for success and growth. We hope that Globelink is that business for you and we look forward to working with you for many decades to come.

Thank you for 30 years of support

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