Number the Stars Book Diary By Alex


I think war is scary and brave.

The people that were getting attacked they felt scared they saw bombs blow up. They were hearing bombs blow up they felt the shaking from the bombs blowing up and tasted blood from there mouth like from things falling from there house.


They might be helpful if our house was blown up and they would let us in.

My respond is that we fight back because we have people that hunters and were from the army that still know what to do.

Number the Stars

I think Number the Stars is about escaping the war and fighting back and there community would help fight and escape. Then after the war was over they would go back to Denmark and rebuild the towns.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "be one of many " I think this means to blend in with all the other people and don't let them see your faces.Then stay away from the the soldiers.The soldiers might look for them and they might want to kill them?

What would it look like for Denmark and/or the Johansens to be a bodyguard for the Jews ?

It would be scary and you would have to protect Jews. Like the Rosens and her friend Ellen. So she would be a bodyguard like the king.


I think when annmarie runs into them that the soldiers will ask where are you going and then she will say to give cheese and bread to her uncle the fisherman and they have not left and the soldiers followed her and saw them then uncle henrik started it and speed.

1 Annemarie was probably thinking about what papa said to her. You protect the king, but for Annemarie she wasn’t sure if she was going to protect the jews/Ellen.

2!She felt scared and nervous at the same time because the first time was when the soldiers came inside her house then the train. Then when she pulled off the necklace she felt scared because it was still in her hands, and if the soldiers told them to see what they have they would have gotten caught.

3It imprinted because she was holding it so scared and nervous, so she used that to hold tight like a stress ball and it imprinted on her hand. Annemarie and Ellen are really close friends because she imprinted the necklace on her hand and its like thats Ellan.


Man vs Man

When peter got captured and executed. When he was in the in Copenhagen public square at Ryvangen. He was happy to risk his life for the jewish people and he was happy for that.

The reason why it was man vs man is because Peter risked his life for jews so he was brave.

Man vs himself

When Annemarie wanted to know who great aunt birdie and she knew that there was no great aunt birdie. So she went to mama and said there was know great aunt birdie and went to uncle Henrik and said you are lying then he said its better not to know for you can be brave than scared.

Annemarie wanted to know to that if there was a great aunt birdie so she went up to uncle Henrik and said you are lying and she wanted to know who was great aunt birdie and she told her it was fake and if soldiers came she would be scared that she knew it was fake. So if she did not know she would be brave.

Man vs society

When they help the jewish people escape and helped them with cloths and food. Then peter and Uncle Henrik took them to Sweden so that they will be safe in Sweden. in shelter they will not expect jewish people to go over there.

Why it is man vs society because Uncle Henrik,Peter helped jewish people escape from the soldiers. So for they can go to Sweden and be safe.

man vs nature

When Annemarie's mom was running thru the woods the she hit a root of a tree and sprained her ankle. Then Annemarie woke up and she saw the time it was 4:00 am and her mom would of been here. So she looked outside and saw here mom on the ground crawling towards the house. So Annemarie went to got help here to the house and inside.

why it was man vs nature because Annemarie's mom was thinking about kirsti and Annemarie so she ran as fas as she could to get home. Then she tripped over a root and sprained her ankle.



The reason I chose brave Is because Annemarie had to be brave when she runs in to soldiers. So she has to say where she is going and why she is going and its better to be brave than scared. So she is better to not know anything then knowing things to not be scared then she will be brave instead.


Caring because they help the jews escape to Sweden. To be safe until the war ends. So that is why because Annemarie's family wanted to help Ellen's family since they are jewish and needed help.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky And Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year old unlike,lanky Annemarie ." (page 1)

Based on this sentence,stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing character's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset.

suffix -y relating to or filled with, Other words messy,cheesy,lucky





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