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Who a hernia is more common in men than in women, because a man’s testicles descend through the inguinal canal shortly after birth, and the canal is supposed to close almost completely behind them, this prevents a hernia from happening. In rare cases when the canal doesn't close the small intestine is the most common organ that can fall through the canal and get stuck.

A hernia is a disease that is caused when there is a sudden or prompt increase in abdominal pressure.

Hernias weren't discovered until the 20th century in the 1900s, due to a diagnosis made by an x-ray machine. Dr. Henry Ingersoll Bowditch was and is one of the first doctor to discover the early series of the hiatal hernias.

Where a hernia happens most commonly is in the lower abdominal wall.

Why this happens is because of a combination of muscle weakness and strain. Depending on its cause, a hernia can develop quickly or over a long period of time. When heavy weightlifting and the abdominal muscles are not straight it will allow a gap to form in the abdominal wall just big enough to fit a piece of an organ.

How a hernia relates to us is because if you have a hernia you will be caused discomfort in the affected area. Animals such as dogs, cats, horses, tigers, etc. can attain a hernia.

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