Relationship counselling specialist in Canary Wharf and Wimbledon

I provide specialist relationship counselling in Canary Wharf and Wimbledon

Sessions available during the day and week day evenings

  • As a relationship therapist working in both private practice and the NHS I specialise in couple relationships. My experience includes helping over 1000 clients make sense of the relationships in their lives. While I believe success comes from professional skills, the main contributor I believe is building a great team with my clients.
  • You can come on your own or with a partner and do not need to be referred.
Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net
"The good news is that if you arrive ready to do the work, my experience with my clients is that you will probably succeed"

Relationship counselling for couples

in crisis – blocked communication – emotionally stuck - sexually dead – feeling hopeless – affairs – work/life balance in relationships – coping with ill health – separating – impact on children - lost hope . . . .

  • If you want to save the relationship, I will work with you to find a way forward and breath new life into emotionally and sexually dormant relationships. Find better conflict management strategies. Learn to rebuild trust or recover from an affair. Have fun again.
  • If you are not sure about your relationship, my job is to help you make the right decisions.
Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net
"My job is to help you to make the right decisions in your life."

Relationship counselling for individuals

coping with an affair – single all the time – fear of intimacy – partner won’t attend counselling – needing to break up – I am worried this is an abusive relationship – managing as a single parent – work life balance in relationships – coming out . . .

  • You can just as effectively discuss your relationship on your own and about a third of my clients do. This can involve exploring how you engage in relationships, preparing for a break up, discussing your relationship with a partner who won’t attend, exploring gay or lesbian or other aspects, addressing issues with family of origin . . .
  • Good relationship skills can be learnt. Hindrances can be explored and challenged. Previous losses or hurts can be dealt with.
Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net

Canary Wharf and Wimbledon locations

I would normally see clients in these locations, however currently all work is via Zoom, (and this is working reassuringly well). Fees are £100 for individuals and couples and £130 for families. Private sessions are offered each week Monday through to Thursday and are up to 50 minutes long

Aviva insurance provider

Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net
"Healthy relationships, be they romantic, parental, professional or friendship focused, are at the core of a healthy happy life."

Are you looking for?

  • Conflict management: Coaching in core communication skills is probably the most important investment you can make in a relationship.
  • Divorce support: Supporting individuals in the ending of their relationships and moving onto the next stage in their lives.
  • Retirement: Giving up full time work can be a major shock to many relationships.
  • Expatriates: Being posted abroad sounds exciting, but may catch out the unwary.
  • Affair Rehab: Affairs do not automatically mean the end of a relationship.
  • Family therapy: As a relationship expert I am qualified to work with everyone from indiviudals to full families.

"The advantage of working with a relationship specialist is that they have been trained in Systemic Psychotherapy. This is the only modality specifically designed from the ground up to address relationships. Key technical concepts such as neutrality, context, systems theory are simply not part of other modalities."

Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net
"Fully verifiable standards."

I adhere to verifiable sector leading professional standards

Sector leading professional standards

  • I am fully Masters (MSc) level psychotherapy training.
  • I originally trained with Relate, the couples counselling charity, where I worked for 15 years both as a counsellor and supervisor.
  • I am fully insured and supervised.
  • Evening and day time sessions available now, in Canary Wharf and Wimbledon.
  • I am a full member of the professional bodies key for relationship therapy professional and listed below.
  • My services covered Aviva private insurance schemes.

Professional memberships include:

Professional memberships: BACP/AFT/UKCP
Ready for change? Call me on: 07500 582 526 or email: enquiries@macgovern.net
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Professional memberships: BACP/AFT/UKCP


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