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Instant Dentist™ offering free emergency dental online assessments and advice during COVID-19

Instant Dentist™ is the first and only teledentistry platform offering a direct, end to end dental care experience, covering everything from diagnosis to bespoke regimes and intelligent devices. Now, Instant Dentist™ seeks to help adults across the nation by providing free digital emergency assessments for all those affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak.

In light of the COVID lockdowns being initiated across the UK, Ireland and Portugal, millions of adults would have to delay dental treatments and checkups, or put themselves and others at risk when heading to dentist clinics for advice. By leveraging a unique combination of industry expertise, data analysis, smart devices, 3D printing and a team of expert digital dentists, Instant Dentist™ makes access to dental health easy, affordable and safe. Connecting dentists and users via an app allows for expert, private dental care from the comfort of home. For those who have a dental emergency and are affected by COVID-19, the Instant Dentist™ team will cover the consultation cost of £20 and provide the service for free.

Users start by uploading photographs / videos of their mouth and answer a curated questionnaire tailored to collecting important information on their specific concern, which may include: issues with wisdom teeth, ongoing gum problems, sudden chipped tooth, etc. Users also have the option to upload any previous dental records, such as x-rays. An impartial, vetted dentist then intrinsically reviews these details to provide advice and regime recommendations specific to the user’s concern. The results are presented in a comprehensive report, giving the user detailed information on their current dental issue and how to proceed. Any recommended steps the user can take at home are given and dental care regimes can be provided by Instant Dentist™ which are delivered directly to the user’s doorstep.

The goal is to identify issues both preventable and treatable and also to educate the public on how to best care for their dental health based on their specific needs, through tailored, dentist recommended, at home regimes.

“Health always comes first. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, but nobody should feel the need to decide which aspect of their health to favour in situations such as the current COVID-19 outbreak. If our users need to remain in self-isolation, our dedicated team of dentists will take it upon themselves to provide the dental advice and reassurance they need.” - Dr Aalok Y. Shukla, CEO and co-founder of Instant Dentist.

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About Instant Dentist

Instant Dentist is the creation of dynamic serial entrepreneur duo Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Lucie Marchelot Shukla. After their huge success with Straight Teeth Direct, a teleorthodontic app which makes straight and white smiles accessible from home to customers in 60+ countries, they saw the opportunity to reinvent the dental health experience into a predictive dynamically monitored experience, away from the broken intermittent drill and fill model.

50% of adults suffer from gum disease and many of these find it difficult to pay the cost of a professional dentist or make the time for an appointment. With conditions such as these being preventable and able to be improved from home, there is a growing need for accessible, empowering self care that puts users in control rather than solely relying on physical practices. Instant Dentist allows users to receive their expertise quickly and from the comfort of their own home.

Their combined 23 years of deep industry expertise and range of innovative products makes achieving optimum oral hygiene easy and straightforward. Users are guided throughout the process with professional recommendations and diagnosis in their 360 Smile Report, which provides a comprehensive dental assessment across 22 risk factors for less than an NHS check up.

Instant Dentist is revolutionising personal dental care, bringing it into the 21st century so that everyone can achieve their best smile.

Cost: £20 for the first consultation - FREE emergency consultation for those affected by COVID-19 until further notice. More info on https://www.instant-dentist.com/covid-19

For interviews or to trial contact press@instant-dentist.com or lucie@straightteethdirect.com


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