Portfolio jeff buzzerio

Multi page publication, positive visual elements and layouts. I wanted to use deep contrast and bright colors to set the magazine apart from others on the shelves
App design , with step by step instructions for design. Familiar navigation and a feed for information on the go
"All" brand, a shield for the logo utilizing all colors . The Shield logo represents a safe place for anyone and lets others know “All “ are welcome, conveys strength and unity.
Rock and Ride Mobile App, lets users connect with other festival goers. Using ride-share and a review system , all linked up with maps.
Graphic Standards Manual are the key to an identity's success, providing guidelines for proper logo use and outline the essential elements of a brand's visual identity.
A photo I took while in Brussels at a train station , I wanted to show off different types of filters and effects .
Painting techniques utilizing shadows and layers
Sidebars are an easy way to add complimentary information to your site. For these examples I chose to keep the information simple and to use graphics to break up the text.
When I was visualizing the design I pictured a city meeting the farm , and was able to come up with a graphic that married those two ideas making the Urban winery. These are just a few ideas for a label , but could be used on a print ad or business card
A sample portfolio website I made in dreamweaver. The site is fully interactive and is accessible on many platforms including Iphone , and tablets. The site has complete Seo , and has been built from the ground up with html and CSS.


Created with images by tanakawho - "Free to use texture/background"

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