W/C 10th April 2017 Reflective journal

Have just finished the enemy sprites, it took a while but i'm confident to say that they look good and i cant wait to implement them into my game. a problem that i worry about is the way the animation will look once i put them in as a flip book, as with the player sprites when added to a flip book the sprites looked a little strange, to correct this mistake i need to make sure that all the sprites are similar from the height to the depth of drawing.

also i am finally getting round to finishing the background for the 3 individual levels and are hoping to complete that before the college term continues, at the moment the work is going great i have spoken to Ben about the unreal and he thinks its going fine, but i want us to use this time to finish any work that is lacking the high standard, which for me at this point is the background for the level and the map in general.

also i am using this period of time to recollect my thoughts on whats happening with the game, i am talking to Ben about changes and improvement at the moment and hopefully once we go back to college we will understand what were doing and finish the project as a whole. I am also using this free time to complete the rest of my research, i am researching 3 types of genres films, shows and games, the film is world war Z, the TV show is the walking dead, and the game i'm researching is the last of us.

currently thinking of changing the format of which i am doing the research on, at this point in time i am using Microsoft Word, however i want to change it to Photoshop, as i think this will allow my to display the information more creatively, but i'm not sure if i should leave the research just as a Word Document.

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