Utah's Symbols By Will Perry

The cherry became Utah's state fruit in 1997. Both sweet and sour cherries are grown in Utah.

The segolily became Utah's state flower in 1911. There wasn't much food then so people would dig for the segolily roots to eat.

The beehive is Utah's state emblem. The beehive was chosen because it represents industry, the state motto.

The Rocky Mountain Elk became Utah's state animal in 1971. It was first named by early English colonists.

The cutthroat trout is Utah's state fish. It became the fish in 1997 after the rainbow trout, the previous state fish.

Industry became Utah's state motto in 1959. Industry became the motto because pioneers had to rely on their own industry to survive.

"This is the place" is Utah's state song. It was written in 1996 by Sam and Gary Francis.

The ore topaz became Utah's gem in 1969. It is found in Beaver , Juab, and Tooele. (Utah counties)

The Spanish sweet onion became the state vegetable in 2002. It is one of the most popular onions because of it's sweet taste.

The quaking aspen tree was chosen to be the state tree in 2014. Before the quaking aspen the state tree was the Colorado blue spruce.

This became the state flag in 2011 (above). It replaced another flag used since 1913-2011

Utah's state fossil is the allosaurus. Allosaurus fossils are found in some of Utah's quarries.

The California seagull became Utah's state bird in 1955. The reason for this is because the California seagull ate the crickets destroying the Utah farmers crops.

Copper became Utah's state mineral in 1994. The copper Utah produces is used for things with heat and electricity.


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