Love Park

I started this Raid by looking up different historical structures that I could build. I decided on the Washington Monument but as you can probably tell, that is not what I ended up doing.

I spent one rainy Saturday locked in the Martin Computer lab so that I could bust out the Monument. I looked up a bunch of videos and pictures of both the real thing and Minecraft builds so that I would have a general idea of what to do. I turned on the Quicktime screen video and recored the three hours it took me to build it. By some series of events, the entire video was corrupted and I couldn't open it (even CCIT couldn't do anything for me). So basically all I had was my finished project but no progress shots. Instead of trying to finagle something, I just decided to restart since I wasn't too happy with the way it came out anyway. Except, after watching some of the other presentations, I decided to do something a little more close to home and changed my project to Love Park in Philadelphia.

Thankfully, someone else had already done this build so I had some help when creating this.

I used the above picture and decided to map it out on graph paper before even attempting to build it in Minecraft which was definitely my best idea. It made the actual build ten times easier than it could have been.

I personally thought the L was too short but I drew it exactly how I thought it was built. I even used graph paper to help me plan the fountain. First, I wasn't sure how to do a circular shape then I was unsure of the size.

The build that I was using as a reference built the sign on the ground which I wasn't a fan of so I build a stand.

I originally thought it would be easiest to build in by level or row but I quickly found out that it was actually better to build it letter by letter.

The O was definitely the biggest challenge in terms of the build but it helped that I had it mapped out before hand. I changed the height of the L which made the structure look much more even to me.


  • technology: I had a lot of issues with every aspect of technology that was involved with this project which proved to be very frustrating
  • size/scale: the build is HUGE which was a little annoying. I think it looks a little ridiculous too. the actual statue is much smaller but there did not seem like anyway in Minecraft to be able to build the structure any smaller than what I did. putting the structure on the stand increased the size but I didn't think building it on the ground did it any justice
  • simplicity: I thought the build would be more difficult/take more time. it only took about an hour or two to build and video plus an hour to plan. in hindsight, I may have been inclined to add more detail regarding the entire park since the sign is merely one part even though it is the most famous. however, with regards to its current size, the park would have been massive


  • planning: I was really happy with how I planned the build and how easy is was to build from the plan. It made building a lot more enjoyable and a million times quicker
  • appearance: in general, I'm really happy with how it turned out. it was definitely better than my build of the Washington Monument so I'm glad I ended up losing my video

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