The Societal Ocean Seansean Koenig-smith

I'm exhausted, hung over

yet another eponymous news hour

Jack Franklin convicted by the media?

That's a job for a court

Police mishandled the investigation?

race bias?

I fight the urge to sigh.

Law abiding citizens don't go into hiding.

where are the courts in this picture?



fact checked

eviscerated by those who disagree

Tariq will still be dead.

Franklin will still be armed.

Am I pissing into an ocean

to try to turn it yellow?

words borrowed from the book How it Went Down by Kekla Magoon


Created with images by ChristopherPluta - "old newspaper newspaper the 1960s" • Pexels - "administration architecture building" • chornamariya - "Forest" • Orange Steeler - "Yelling Man" • chrisf608 - "atlantic ocean"

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