Harn-essing the Good Life Kayla Palmer

Wood cuts done by Yvonne Jacquette

Medium of the Art

As an architecture major I really appreciated the content of Yvonne Jacquette's work. I feel that her wood cuts are a beautiful testament to the flow and life of a city. This particular medium is effective because the black/ negative space dominates but the details that Jacquette had cut into the wood are highlighted. In person her works are very striking, because of the sheer intricacy, as well as the contrast between the light and dark. My favorite piece was the wood cut that I am pictured with above; the piece is titled "Lights and Towers" and was created in 2005.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum

The David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was my favorite space in the museum. I love the sense of hierarchy and measure provided by the cabinets which house these works of art. I also find the contrast between the rich wood and the white walls to be very pleasing. The wing has a sense of warmth brought into it by both the woods used and the light entering from the garden space. The garden itself is peaceful and proves that nature, too, can be thought of as art. Both the architects and landscape architects did an impressive job at creating a space that would invite and intrigue visitors of the Harn.

Garden in the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing
Mirror, Mirror ... Portraits of Frida Kahlo

Art and Core Values

I really admire Frida Kahlo as an artist so her portraits spoke to me. My favorite photograph of Frida Kahlo is the one I am pictured with above. This portrait was done by Florence Arquin in 1941. The work is untitled and it shows Frida displaying one of her corsets; this particular one is decorated the communist symbol. I believe that this photograph shows Frida's autonomy, self-expression, and personal beliefs - all of which are important values to me. I love that Frida Kahlo was a strong and independent woman, unafraid of sharing her own thoughts, ideas, and values.

A couple of Justine Kurland's works which bring female representation to the forefront

Art and the Good Life

Both of these works by Justine Kurland, a self-proclaimed feminist, deal with women and society. I think it is important for female artists to be recognized in museums and for women to be portrayed positively in art. These works, in a way, deal with social justice, or rather "the good life" for women. The photo pictured on the top is "Mama Baby, Tidal Pools, Trinadad, California" and was taken by Kurland in 2007. It depicts her idea of a peaceful utopia and focuses on the value of harmony. The photo on the bottom is Kurland's "Sheep Wranglers" shot in 2001. This piece captures "a romanticized domain of free-spirited, innocent intimacy uncomplicated by the other sex"; in other words Kurland's definition/ idea of "the good life". I really appreciate Kurland's portrayal of women and feel that female representation is vital to efforts in achieving equality/ social justice.

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