Spiders By Carter chapman


Ol spiders have 8 lags
Spiders have 8 lags
Sum Spiders do not spin webs
Sum spider have mer than 2 ese


Spiders eat flys


Sum spiders spin webs


Female spiders make eggscaks

Fun faks

Female blak widows are poisonous


Created with images by AdinaVoicu - "spider web dew sunrise" • miniformat65 - "spider network nature" • ROverhate - "jumping spider spider insect" • Fotoworkshop4You - "spider jumping spider small spider" • Josch13 - "spider network close" • ROverhate - "housefly fly macro" • Gabi Lamberti - "Spider" • gailhampshire - "Agalenatea redii?. Family Araneidae" • Frank Boston - "Pregnant Southern Black Widow"

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