Music To My Ears Fibonacci in music

In Music, especially, on pianos, the Fibonacci Sequence is very prevalent. For example on an octave on a piano like we see below:

One Octave of a Piano

An Octave is made of 13 notes, both white and black.

There are 8 white notes and 5 black notes. These black notes are split into two and three note groups.

Also, when playing a major or minor scale, you play 8 notes in that set scale. In the picture above, it is the C Scale.

And, when playing a major chord, you play the first, third, and fifth notes in the scale, each with two notes from one to the other. This also works for minor scales.

There have been many works created using the Fibonacci Sequence, but I want to show my own music I have created using Fibonacci Sequence!


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