Jesse "Griffon" Domanski Pure Event Group Wedding Director

My mission is simple. I want you to "Have the Wedding you deserve."

What makes Jesse different?

  • No package is ever the same. This allows my clients to customize their wedding, the way they have always dreamed. To be honest... sometimes less really is more. Other times, we can throw in some additional fun to bring your personality to life.
  • NO PACKAGES.. No annoying huge bundles that make you select add-ons you may not want.
  • Looking for something different? Let's face it, i'm a millennial. I love breaking from the norm and making your experience different from any one else's.
  • No cheese, no line dances.... enough said.

Family is important to me and I never make the show about myself. Your guests are there to celebrate YOU and are ready to have a great time no matter what.

How did you become a "DJ"?

I actually started DJing when I was 14, I always dreamed of being a big time producer. I released a song a few years back that went Number 1 across the world on EDM charts. The record gave me a lot of recognition in the music world and allowed me to work with a lot of really amazing people. Having the ability to transition from Nightlife to Private Events has broadened my music library and made me more diverse and adaptable.

When I began in the private event world, I worked for a smaller DJ company and learned how to work lights and TV screens. I was doing all of the standard roadie tasks. But I wanted to keep learning and growing in the industry. At the age of 16, my most difficult hurdle was overcoming the fear of grabbing a microphone. But when I did... I never turned back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in your headphones?

I trained myself to listen and respect just about every genre. Sounds like bs... but it's true. Normally it's all over the place from hip-hop to EDM ~ then throw in the 90s punk classics. But, if I had to choose one, I feel like the most common playlist on my phone is my country playlist. It unwinds me on long drives and is different from what i'm used to hearing.

What equipment do you use?

Bonus points if you understand what i'm about to say. You'll either see me using either my CDJ 2000 Nexus' or a DDJ-SZ Controller.

How Long have you been DJing?

14 years!!! Literally half of my life. Crazy.

Outside of DJing.. what do you enjoy doing?

I could honestly talk with anyone about traveling for hours! My wife and I love seeing new cultures and places. Some of my favorite trips include Thailand, Poland, Costa Rica, Nashville and New Orleans.

HEY GUYS! Want to get to know me better! Check out my proposal video here :)

Notable Accomplishments

2021 Inductee to "The Knot's Hall of Fame"

Wedding Wire's Couples Choice Award | The Knot's Best of Weddings Award | Beatport #1 Charting Recording Artist

2019 Nominee for DJ Times Magazine's "Entertainer of the Year" award

Just a few of the worlds celebrity profile clients Griffon has worked with

Steve Aoki | Dillon Francis | Michael Strahan | Cool & The Gang | Lil Jon | Skrillex Murray of Impractical Jokers | Donald Trump | John Cena | Markus Schulz | Steve-O | Cash Cash | Joe Budden | Greg T of the Elvis Duran Show

" When my family booked Griffon, we not only gained a DJ, we gained a best friend " -Debbie Rugel

Email- Griffon@PureEventGroup.com | Instagram - @GriffonTheMC

Have the wedding you deserve ;)