How did Technology cause Exploration Angel estrada Mrs.lyon 4a 4/6/17

Causes of Boats

Technology caused Exploration in many ways, but in one way that caused exploration was there boats that they built it caused them explore new world, fish for food, fight in wars, carry things that weigh alot to other places and find things they haven't seen before. Also it caused them to find valuable things on islands that they found like gold. But the most important thing they used boats for were for trading things with others

Causes of Time Keeping and Navigation

Their Navigation system was different then it is today. They used a quadrant to determine were they are or where they are going to go. With out this tool they would of not have known where they are or which way they are going. And they would of not have found things till later on through the years. Time keeping also caused them to keep track of their day and do things at a certain time, it also caused them to figure out how long it takes to get to a certain place.

Effects of Boats

Technology changes through the years but some boats they built back then still looks similar to boats we have today. The boats today are better built and can take hits that if a ship back then got hit it would be destroyed. The boats now can go farther in the ocean have have more things built in it and it runs on a motor or engine and doesn't need anyone to move the ship. The Boat effected us because it made us find new things through the years and made us improve our ships even more.

Effects of Time Keeping and Navigation

The Navigation tool we had back then was a small little tool that told us where we were at but it wasn't always right, Now we have a system built into our ships and have a GPS to tell us were to go and where we are also if we are lost. This Technology effected us because it improved on what we can do and also it helped us through the years to know where we are at, at all tiimes

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