Sports Can Affect In Ways Not Thought Of By: maeve jebb

About 30 million kids participate in sports each year. With sports, comes injuries, which have been proven to have a psychological effect after a while. Injuries call for a period of withdrawal from the activity. This can have a negative impact on many.

Vast Effects

Being injured can have a substantial effect of the mental wellness of an athlete. They can experience anything from sadness or sleep disturbance to aggression or a change in diet. However, everyone responds differently, and there is no specific order or correlation between the symptoms.

Part of a team

Another part of leaving a sport is the teammates that are also being left behind. Although a great number of participants see a change with themselves, some do not. For example a 2013 graduate named Trevor Smith from Brown University felt his social circle has been fine. He says that he is still heavily involved in the team whether it’s assisting coaches or recruiting new members.

Take a hit

Some athletes have been dedicated to their one sport for more than 10 years. Taking some time off, or quitting altogether can be very hard. A huge part of them is lost and they almost do not know what to do with themselves.


From any experience, sports are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun. However there are about 3.5 million sports related injuries sustained per year in the United States. So many people are impacted by the dangerous of doing what they love. Unfortunately for some, it brings more harm than good.

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