Tracking Point Rifle By Connor

The "Smart Rife" is a new rifle using new technology we have today. Unlike all the modern rifles we have, this rifle runs all off of the tracking point in the electronic scope, it includes a automatic electric target finder scope and auto lock shooting witch it always the gun to shoot when the cross hairs glide over the target, a pair of electric glass with pop up screen of the inside of the scope, it allows you to not have to look thru the scope. this rifle is also known as the "Tracking Point Rifle". The rifle can come with either semiautomatic or either bolt action systems. With this new rifle and the electronic technology that is equipped through out the rifle it has a great cost, of almost $17,000 for the bolt action system, the semi automatic is anywhere from $6,000 to $16,000 depending on barrel length, size and caliber.

The Electronic Technology through out the rifle.

Reviews: 8 out of 10 stars

Likes: Loves the rifle, very easy to set up and shoot, " one shot one kill rifle"

Dislikes: buy them for hunting, its not hunting with this new technology, you didn't shoot it, technology did.

Created By
Connor Napier

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