Getting Healthier Foods Into the School System

The pictures show what a typical unhealthy meal is and the effects of constantly eating one. Yet if students had cooking class they can help change the meals to a healthier option.
With cooking classes the students can learn about what a healthy meal is and the effects of eating one.
Cooking class can help improve the diet of children who go to school and also teach them healthy habits.
Most students in middle schools don’t know how to cook. Having a hands-on experience can show them the importance of cooking a healthy meal.
Giving them lessons on how to prepare a good meal, and teach good cooking technique.
Gives students the opportunity to try different foods that they might not normally try.
The school could also have a vegetable garden that the cooking class could use to get fresh healthy food to use.
By having a class that educates and builds on self-esteem hopeful will teach the middle schooler about healthier ways to eat.


Created with images by USDAgov - "Children eating lunch at school" • - "I am a Robot - space robot lunch in a PlanetBox"

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