Mermaids By: Jorden Degner

Mermaids aren’t real or are they? This essay is about mermaids. Mermaids are creatures from the sea or ocean. A mermaid is a human that has the tail of a fish. Online people have claimed to see mermaids. I’m here to tell you it’s true mermaids are real. Many people believe that mermaids are mysterious creatures of the deep sea.

Researchers have said that mermaids do exist and explained about how they exist. A documentary was filmed about mermaids and it says that mermaids or mermaid like creatures have existed for at least 1,000 years.Various explorers have been said to have encountered mermaids including Christopher Columbus and Captain John Smith. John wrote in a journal of his experiences with the mermaid. John Smith saw the mermaid just of the coast of Newfoundland in 1614. John had claimed to have fallen in love with the mermaid. Then John Smith realized a while later that she was part fish. There are journals about Christopher Columbus’s time with the mermaids.In ancient times mermaids brought bad news in form of people drowning and shipwrecks. In 2009 locals in Israel claimed to have seen a young girl with the tail of a fish.

Many people believe that mermaids do not exist. In this document you will read about reasons why mermaids don’t exist. Fish and human are very distantly related species. A U.S immigrations expert explained to the world about how mermaids aren’t real, some people refused to believe that mermaids don’t exist. People have reported seeing mermaids but there truly isn’t any evidence to back up the sighting that they have claimed had taken place. Mermaids can’t lay eggs so they can’t reproduce.Another fact is that fake mermaid tails are sold online and in stores. Mermaids can be photoshopped into photos and videos that make it seem quite real. Manatees have often been mistaken as mermaids.

This is a video that claims to show mermaids swimming but truly is just dolphins.

After researching for a while, I have come to a conclusion of my own theory that mermaids do exist. I believe that mermaids do exist because when cavemen started roaming this planet mermaids or mermaid like creatures had been drawn on cave walls. Mermaids have swam in the same seas and oceans as Christopher Columbus, Captain John Smith, and even more people to come. Christopher Columbus and Captain John Smith have even made contact with mermaids and wrote of their experiences with the mermaids. Captain John Smith has even wrote about how he happened to have fallen in love with a mermaid. A few 100 years ago, the myth of beautiful semi-human women living beneath the sea was highly believed by superstitious sailors many of the sailors spent weeks or months crossing forbidden seas, some of the sailors have even encountered a mermaid before.

Mermaids weren’t always as friendly and kind as the Little Mermaid. In ancient times mermaids brought bad news in the form of shipwrecks, death by drowning, and storms. It is said that even pirates feared that mermaids would trick them out of their loot or sink their ship giving no mercy to any of the crew onboard the ship. In one folktale story from the culture of assyria, the goddess Atargatis changed herself into a mermaid after she accidentally killed a human. This may be the cause of why many older mermaid legends associated the creatures to be known for misfortune, including drowning, shipwrecks, and storms.

Many people believe that mermaids are mysterious creatures of the deep blue sea. It is important that you know about mermaids just in case you encounter one. The knowledge of mermaids I am providing for you will prepare you for if you see a mermaid and to know what to do when you do. The information that I am providing for you is to encourage you to believe in mermaids.So what do you believe are mermaids amongst us or not?


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