County Highway 3 (Norell Avenue) Online Engagement July 29 - August 12, 2020

Welcome to the County Highway 3 (Norell Avenue) Improvement Project Online Engagement

About the Project

Washington County and May Township are exploring improvements on County Highway 3 (Norell Avenue North) from 170th Street North (County Highway 4) to Square Lake Trail North (County Highway 7).

Project Goals

  • Repair pavement sloughing in the area north of Boot Lake
  • Review safety at railroad crossing
  • Receive feedback on the corridor from the community
  • Investigate community interest in improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Review crash history for documented safety concern areas, and evaluate potential improvements with the community
  • Identify areas that will require more work than just replacing the pavement surface and fixing the long-term slope stability problem


Crash History

From 2010 to 2019, 14 crashes were documented on Norell Avenue North (County Highway 3) between 170th Street North (County Highway 4) and Square Lake Trail North (County Highway 7).

County Highway 3 from 150th Street to County Highway 7 has a crash rate above the state average. Crashes here are unusually high compared to similar stretches of highway elsewhere in the state.

Crash Analysis

Tell Us About Your Experiences On This Road

Washington County maintenance has spent a lot of time and energy repairing the poor pavement north of Boot Lake. Given the likely extent of the engineering and construction work needed to repair this area, the project team feels that it’s important to engage with the community on potential area travel improvements as a whole. To help gather feedback, we are looking for your participation in a brief survey (click the button below before August 12, 2020).

A public comment map has also been created to give you an opportunity to share your comments on specific places within the project area. Click on on the button below to access the map.

Contact Us

Our project team has additional, future outreach planned for this project, pending the status of COVID-19 restrictions. Visit the project website and sign up for email alerts to be the first to know about these events and other ways to be involved in the project.

Project Manager: Kevin Peterson (651-430-4330)