Sports Buenaflor, Miguel

There is no age limit to play a sport you love. At an early age, i started playing soccer for my school in the Philippines. The sport was not as popular there as it is now, but as i grew old every time i played the sport brings me down to being a kid again.
I grew up watching Manchester United play, and because of that i became a fan of Wayne Rooney!

One day i hope to watch Manchester United play live in their stadium

Sport is a medium to another dimension!

To all who ever played, only heart plays better than talent!

As Allen Iverson once said, "I'd rather have heart than talent any day". I believe in that saying, no matter how talented you are, if you have the heart and you work hard for it there is no limit to what you can do.

Manchester United vs Queens Park Rangers at Old Trafford

Through sports, strangers becomes family!

Old Trafford Stadium (Memory Lane)

Interesting facts about Manchester United!

My second favorite player, Ryan Giggs. He is the heart and the soul of this team, and without him, it would not been the same all these years.


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