Four Peaks logan prete

sketches and memories from the two-thousand and twenty DesignBuildBLUFF program.

Descending into Bluff, through the narrow canyon highway, you feel the cliffs tighten and surround you. The further the descent, the more hints of life are noticed, there are more trees, more green...And then it unfolds, with a welcome sign saying that this place was established in 650 A.D. Twin Rocks appears to your right. A modest metal sign welcomes you home at DesignBuildBLUFF.


Sketches from Telluride, CO

Comb Ridge and descriptive petroglyph

Swirling textures


Exterior Materials

Cultural Sketches

Architectural Sketches


Inspired by the cultural significance of the Four Sacred Mountains to Navajo, the views of the homesite, as well as the form that the home took, Four Peaks was a fitting name for the project as a whole. And through other cultural exploration and inspiration the logo shows the plan of the house, as well as similarity to common patterns found on pottery and other work found within the region.

Final "Four Peaks" Logo

Contained Home

Fireplace at the Scorup House
Container House Sketches

Detailing issues

Throughout the process, designing details and how things came together was always an intensely analytical and shared activity.

Molly: "Logan, who are you even talking to?"

Logan: "Uhh...I don't know."

Bathroom light fixture, adjusted to be centered


View from top of Red Mesa, En route to campus from the site.