Asia Geography By: kahner schultz

The Himalayas are a very pretty place! They stretch across the Northeastern part of India. They cover approximately 150 miles and passes through nations of India Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. The mountain range is very rich in biodiversity. The climate ranges from tropical very frigid. The Himalayas has the highest peak which is Mount Everest.

The Plateau of Tibet is very pretty and many people visit it. The Plateau of Tibet is located in China. It's southern section contains the headwaters of upper Indus and the Brahmaputra rivers. Around the Plateau there is very fertile farming land. It has an area of about 965,000 square miles.

The Taklamakan Desert is located in China. It is one of the largest sandy deserts in the world. The desert expands about 600 miles from east to west. Also it occupies the central part of the Tarim Basin. The Taklamakan Desert is a very pretty place. Many people visit it for the looks of it.

The Gobi Desert is the 5th largest Desert in the world. It covers half a million square miles in the heart of Asias most remote region. The word Gobi means large and dry which the Gobi Desert is.

The North China Plain has an area of about 158,000 square miles. The elevation is lower than 50 meters. This plain has smooth terrain and vast fertile land. It's one of the most densely populated areas in the world

The Huang He River is the worlds 6th longest river. Measuring at 3,395 miles. The mouth of the river Is the Gulf of Bohai. Huang He is nicknamed the cradle of Chinese civilization. The area is about 290,000 square miles.

The Chang Jiang river is located in China it is the longest river in China and the 3rd longest in the world. The source of the river is the Plateau of Tibet. The mouth is the East China Sea. More than 3/4 of the river flows through mountains.

The Bay of Bengal is located in the North Eastern Indian Ocean and it is bordered by Sri Lake and India to the west. He Bay is about 1,000 miles wide with an average depth of 8,500 feet. The maximum depth recorded is 15,400 feet deep. The bay has separate islands branching out from it which are andaman and nicobar.

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. It's eastern shore belongs to Jordan and its western shore belongs to Israel. It receives almost all of its water from the Jordan River. It was nicknamed the the Salt Sea because of the high level of salt in it.

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