The Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by: daniela pereira

Pereira, Daniela. "In the Butterfly Forest at the FLMNH in Gainesville, FL." 2017. JPEG.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Pereira, Daniela "A Butterflyin the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit of the FLMNH in Gainesville, FL." 2017. JPEG.

Butterflies are usually used to represent people who are free spirited. I knwo of a Greek myth that states:a new human soul emerged every time that a butterfly emerged from it's cocoon. The Florida Museum forced me to step out of my daily life and appreciate nature. Looking at the butterflies made my realize their beauty.

Nature and Ethics

Pereira, Daniela "A froggo in a fake tree at FLMNH in Gainesville, FL." 2017. JPEG.

This picture shows a Coastal Plain Cricket Frog from the new "Frogs!" exhibit. The museum of Natural History helped me appreciate the world around me. I, like Leopald, believe that we are all part of the biotic community and have to do our part to respect and preserve it. This exhibit made me see the diversity of Florida's frogs and it reminded me of the diversity that is found in nature and even in our social lifes. Everyone is different and that needs to be respected.

Nature on Display

Pereira, Daniela "Caves at FLMNH in Gainesville, FL." 2017. JPEG.

The design of the caves exhibit was particularly interesting to me. I liked the darkness of the room and the ghostly sounds that made it seem like I was actually in a cave. This exhibit took me back to when I went to see the "Cavernas" in Puerto Rico. Reading about all the trogophiles, troglobites, and cave animals that live in these caves made me realize how poorly we treat the environment. It made me reflect on how I treat the earth and how if I want to continue visiting these beautiful caves then I have to be more conscious of my waste.

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