The life cycle of a plant the process of a seed to a adult plant

As you all know, the first stage is a seed. If you want the seed to grow, the seed needs water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Once you put the seed in soil, add water and after a few days, the seed will begin to germinate.
Germination means to begin growing or sprouting. Then a little tail will come out and soon be the main root. A little more water then it will begin to grow more.
The next stage is when the plant pops up out of the ground. Now the plant needs carbon dioxide. The main root will now grow more roots from it. Then the leaves will begin to grow. The seed will fall off.
This is when the plant becomes a seedling. The roots will push further into the ground and grow more roots. Same as the top, but will grow more leaves.
Now the plant is more bigger than the seedling. Now it has more leaves. It will still use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to continue to grow.
Now the plant is done growing. It is old enough to reproduce. Once it reproduces, the life cycle will start all over again. Starting from a little seed.

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