The Designed Experience

What is play?

Play is an experience. But what makes play fun?

Play refers to those activities which are accompanied by a state of comparative pleasure, exhilaration, power, and the feeling of self-initiative. —J. Barnard Gilmore

Does play need:

  • Surprise?
  • Curiosity?
  • Fun?
  • More than one person?
  • Rules?
  • Obstacles?
  • Exigence/Endogenous?

Look at Designed Experiences

  • Dungeons and Dragons Rule Book (HERE)
  • Arcadia Quest Rule Book (HERE)
  • Gloomhaven Rule Book (HERE)
  • Magic the Gathering Basic Rule Book (HERE)
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Rule Book (HERE)
  • Legend of Zelda Manual (HERE)
  • Kingdom Hearts Manual (HERE)


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