Retrieval Practice Self-Study Common Exhibit 3

I will be testing Quizlet, Self - Testing, and Flash Cards.

For Calculus I will use Quizlet

At minimum I will practice at least 3 hours a day over the span of one week. I will use this to help remember difficult to remember formulas as that is one of my greatest weak points. My first test for calculus I got an 88 on and the second test while using this technique I got a 100 on. I actually felt less confident on this test probably because average Calculus test grades are a downward slope from test 1 to 3. This technique definitely worked well for me as I definitely felt like I knew the formulas. This technique worked well for me and I will definitely use it in my future studies especially since time that i would have to use making flash cards can now be used for studying.

For Astronomy I used flashcards and decided to practice 2 hours a day for 4 days.

My grade stayed relatively the same I got an 80 while my last two test Grades were a 78 and 85. My confidence level for this test was about the same as the others. This technique worked fairly well as I managed to get a desirable grade on the test. I would say that while this technique was relatively effective quizlet is more convenient and is very similar.

For Computer Science I utilized self-testing

I made around 3 of these short tests that I would practice on, and I did so over the course of 3 days for at least 3 non-continuous hours each day. On the test prior to this test I made around an 80 and on this test where I utilized the technique I made a 70. With this technique I did not feel an improvement in knowledge or confidence and I think that as the results would indicate this technique is not optimal for my studying. I do not believe this will affect my future studying habits other than letting me know what to avoid doing.


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