Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Joining us on tonight's show:

Clara Galan


Adobe’s Global Education Community lead for K-12 and Higher Education

Clara filled us in on her weekly show with Tanya Avrith, as well as the plan for the Global Adobe Education Summit for 2021.

There are too many really exciting speakers to list, but here is Clara's slide with a few she mentioned

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Dr Max Schleser

Max's Swinburne Profile

Adobe Aero

Max shared with us a screencast of his phone to help explain some of the options available using Adobe Aero and an Augmented Reality (AR) project he worked on with some of his students.

Try it out for yourself!!!

Use your smartphone camera (it's better if you have already downloaded Aero on your device!) to scan Max's QR Code below!

Max advises that when you start, you should keep it simple to set yourself up for success.

When setting up a photoshop project for Aero, Max recommends that you:

  • Keep the background transparent
  • Have it set at 72 resolution
  • Set images you use as individual layers for the best visuals.

Once you have your assets ready and save your PSD (photoshop) file, you can choose the option to Export your Asset to Aero, remembering to preserve the layers, and save it to the Creative Cloud.

Here is a screenshot I took on my phone of me playing with Max's project during his demonstration:

360 degree mindfulness videos

(Partnership with Medibank)

Max is really proud of some 360 videos he created in partnership with Medibank.

Max showed us how can manipulate videos to create immersive VR experiences.

He explained that how, in immersive video, you can 'straighten out' video that you take with a standard camera to create something that doesn't have any distortion to bootstrap VR content.

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