A Story of a Theft lam ngo tin, gideon

Today, when I was watching TV, I saw a report of burglary and it reminded me about a theft that happened to my family last Sunday.

Last Sunday night, when my wife and I were sleeping like logs, a thief came through the door that was not locked, and he came into my house. The thief opened our drawer, trying to find something valuable. The thief did everything as quietly as a mouse and we didn’t notice him.

When the thief had put valuable things into his bag and was ready to leave, my mobile phone suddenly rang. The ringing sound woke me up, and when I woke up, I felt shocked to see the thief, who was holding a small bag. The thief immediately ran away. I jumped out of bed and chased the thief immediately, with my pajamas still on my body. I shouted “Thief!” as I was chasing him. I also woke up my wife, and she screamed. The thief ran downstairs to the street, and so did I.

When I was just about to approach the thief, I stepped on a banana skin and slipped. Although I slipped, I also made the thief fall down as I grabbed his feet tightly. I took the things back when I saw a policeman. I called him, “Sir, I caught a thief! Don’t let him go away!” Then the police officer arrested the thief and sent him to the police office. I felt pleased after recovering my things and sending the thief to jail by myself successfully. However, the scenes of the theft were so horrible that I was unable to sleep that night.

After the theft, I always remind myself to lock the door securely before going to sleep, in order to prevent thefts from happening again.

By Gideon LAM Ngo-tin

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