Montgomery Bus Boycotts By Alex Nikitin


On December 5th, 1995, Rosa Parks,an African-American female got on a bus in Alabama and sat in the white only section because it was closer and no one was sitting there. When a white male asked her to get out and move to the back, she refused to move. Later when she got off the bus she was arrested and fined. This event leads to the boycott where all African-Americans decided not to use the bus at all until the segregation law was void.


This event leads to many more protested to end segregation not only on busses, but everywhere else. This was the biggest spark to African-Americans looking up and realizing they needed to do something to change the world we all live in.

Who was Involved?

The people involved were African-Americans trying to end segregation. It was all started by Rosa Parks, but than Martin Luther King decides to do non-violent protest and not use the bus until the segregation law was void. Every African-American agreed and participated.


Since cars were not that common back than, they had to walk many miles to work and from work, to stores, and many other location they used daily. When they got tired, they would think about the good they are doing and the change that needed to happen and that kept them going.


The Bus Boycott worked because the bus businesses were losing money and could not afford not carrying African-American customers, so they changed the law. This was the biggest spark to other peaceful protest that occurred.

Modern day

Even though today segregation isn't legal, there is still some racism going on. Today, African-Americans also do non-protest called Black Lives Matter, to change peoples way of seeing them.



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