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Founded by veteran player agent, Joby Branion, Vanguard Sports Group is based upon the principle that agents have deep obligations to fulfill to their clients – to support, to guide, to counsel, and ultimately, to empower each individual throughout every phase of their careers. These obligations extend well beyond the traditional negotiation of contracts for a fee.


Vanguard Sports Group is the first and only full-service talent representation firm to provide a platform that blends a comprehensive range of extensive client services with the unparalleled experience of its seasoned professionals, which will allow it to execute on behalf of its clients with inimitable success. Vanguard identifies the unique needs and aspirations of every one of its sports and entertainment clients, helping each to fully leverage their potential on and off their respective field of play.


Vanguard Sports Group has set a new standard, unrivaled in the industry, by aggressively and proactively investing in its clients–ensuring that each will have the best opportunity to not only get drafted as highly as possible, but more importantly to seamlessly make the transitions from amateurs to professionals, from rookies to highly valued veterans, and ultimately from highly compensated performers to well adjusted retirees.


Essential to the development of a brand that has appeal and will endure is proactive public outreach through strategic media placement. These media placements will help the Vanguard athlete representation and marketing teams promote our clients to NFL teams, fans, and the public at large, as well as leverage our client’s brand for sales and new partnerships. Each placement opportunity is carefully researched and developed to define and raise awareness to the unique qualities of each individual’s brand.

charitable development

Professional athletes are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in their respective communities, and the world. The NFL platform provides a heightened foundation from which one can create and inspire change. Navigation of this aspect of our client’s life can be challenging, therefore in an effort to maximize the influence on the people and causes closest to them Vanguard employs its own team to counsel, guide and support our client’s journey to building a lasting legacy.

Draft Investment
  • Training/Coaching
  • Housing/Transportation
  • Food/Supplements
  • Media/Interview/Test Preparation
  • Performance Consulting


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