w/c April 3rd Reflective Journal

For this week i am working on the main menu for our project i am making sure all the buttons work perfectly and that there is music playing in the background of the menu so players are not left looking at a dull page of buttons.

I found working on and creating the main menu rather easy and a lot more straightforward than i originally thought. I did however struggle with the resume game button i implemented into our project, this was due to the mechanics having so detailed functions that had to be added for it to work correctly.

I am also working on fixing the bugs we have encountered with the A.i and the main sidescroller character, one of the primary bugs is the clipping issue i.e our character gets hit by our enemies projectiles and he dies on contact with our enemy but when our character shoots our A.I creature it doesn’t effect him at all.

Once i fix this bug i can added the needed sound effects and design into the game, such as character attack sounds, character dying sounds, background music and even voices that tell the player when something has happened for example a voice will tell the player when they die that the game is over.

So far our project i believe is going really well and i think we do have a functional level that is both challenging and engaging. It is taking a bit longer than we originally anticipated to iron out all the bugs in our demo level this is due to the bugs being harder to fix then we thought so we have to research different methods of solving these different bugs like the shoot mechanics and the sound designs.

I think for the next level/s we make we definitely need to make them longer and make sure we always implement new environments that still add to the horror theme we are going for. We also need to add more enemy variety so the player can encounter multiple different enemies some stronger than others and some we attack with only long ranged or short ranged attacks or even both.

I am unsure if we will be able to achieve our original idea of having two playable characters within the game, due to the length of time it took to iron out all the bugs as well as implement new ideas into our demo level and our other levels we may not have enough time to add another character with all of the functions and all of its animations and mechanics working correctly.

With this mechanics we would also have to add more to the main menu function and this will take up even more time, which we could use instead to make our project more functional. The melee combat mechanic we originally discussed our character to have is under consideration to be scrapped from the main project as we are currently working on the shooting mechanic for our character rather than the melee combat.

I think we should add a mechanic that shows the character holding the weapon he is using, this would also help if we decide to add a weapon pickup as an item drop later on in the project, i also think the bullets need to be changed so that they are smaller and not so bright this is to make sure the player knows he or she is firing a gun and not something like a plasma rifle.

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